Gals, Let's Be Nice To Each Other

Look, ladies, I get it, it drove you through the roof when Becky ate her crackers too loudly.

However, we have all gone too far at some point and talked negatively about the girls we surround ourselves with.

At times, we do this without knowing the other person. Before you say "you would never," think about any social media post that has ever annoyed you...Or think about that girl that said a rude thing to you in 3rd grade that you still loathe. Think about the friendships in middle school that ended tragically.

Gossip is often at the root of it all and oooooh, I hate it.

I am guilty of it, but I hate it.

Gossip is terrible, VERY terrible.

It ruins friendships, drowns self-esteem, and shakes our views of the girls around us.

So, why do we still do it?

We are broken people living in a broken world.

We can't stop the brokenness in the world, but we can do our best to lead by example. We can practice self-control and hold our tongues when those nasty words are about to leave our mouths.

It's alright to get annoyed with Becky sometimes, but don't go shouting to Sarah that you "can't stand her."

If we are being real, I don't know Becky or Sarah, these are names thrown in for the sake of this article, just a disclaimer.

Alright back to the point… could you imagine what would start happening if we loved our fellow female well?

Could you imagine the amount of stress that would dissipate if we stopped hating on the gals we spend our lives with?

What a beautiful, beautiful time this would be. I know sister, I am guilty of this too. Can we join together and drop the hate on the girls around us?

I know, this feels like a moment from the oh so glorious movie Mean Girls, but we need it.

We need to stop shouting lies about the Kady Heron in our lives. We need to love people even when they treat us like Regina George treated Gretchen Wieners.

What does this look like you might ask?

Well, it looks like being kind to Becky even when her chip eating is distracting. It means that if you have an issue with someone, you confront them, no matter how awkward this is. You can show people respect and not skew others vision of them by keeping the situation between you and them.

We all have enough going on in our crazy little bubbles, we don't need to pull each other down in the process of it all.

OOOOH, grace is difficult to show people. But we can, I really think we can. Let's spread the good and not the bad. Let's drop the gossip and love the ladies in our lives.

Eat your chips as loud as you want Becky, I will survive.

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