To my future Nathan Scott,

I definitely never saw you coming— someone so perfect for me. We were so young and even younger at heart. It’s kind of like a romance out of some sappy novel, but it’s our sappy novel now. You were the guy I never thought I could find and I’m the girl you never thought you could love. We seemed so opposite, yet we fit together so perfectly. It’s a timeless love story with a happy ending.

Meeting you was like a fairytale, looking back on it now. You were this amazing and super attractive man, and I was the innocent girl. We seemed to be so different as if we could never live a life that could be cohesive. You changed that, though.

By falling in love with me, and just me falling in love with you— you showed me how wrong I could be. You showed me that we both were missing a piece of ourselves that only being with each other could fill. Our lives apart from each other seemed so different because we truly did not know what part of us we were missing.

Now, it hasn’t been all happy times. When times were tough, our relationship was tested. Our love was tried and our commitment was questioned. Our hearts hurt but through it all, we made it together because during those bad times, things remained bearable because you were there to hold my hand. Your shoulder is where I cried and your embrace is where I felt safe.

When we fought it’s because I never cared so much about someone. I would try to see your side but sometimes I knew my argument was better, not because I’m a know-it-all. Well, maybe just a little bit. It was because I truly want the result that is best for us.

I promise I will never give in on an argument just to settle things. I will constantly fight for what is best for us and for you, even if that means you sleeping on the couch occasionally because I know that, eventually, we will always work it out. Those very bad times are few and far inbetween because every new day with you is like falling in love all over again.

The greatest feeling is waking up next to my best friend, knowing that we are about to conquer this day as a team. Whatever life throws at me or us, I know you are there to back me up. You are there to cheer me on and to boost my ego. With every new day, I know I’m not alone.

Again, our love story isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s perfect to me. All the imperfections are what make us, us.

I wouldn’t want you or this life to be any different. I thank my lucky stars everyday for bringing you into my life. I couldn’t take on the world without you by my side. There is no one else in this world who I would want to build a family with— there's no one I want to see teaching our son to play catch or showing our daughter how to be respected by a man. And, I definitely could not think of another man I want next to me watching our family grow.

You are the love of my life, my future Nathan Scott. You are the man that was made for me and I can’t wait to begin the rest of my life with you, always and forever.


Your future Haley James Scott