In your life, you have probably had a lot of best friends. It could have been that girl from your neighborhood growing up, the family friend that has been there since the beginning, or someone you just instantly connected with. But, there will always be that one person who exceeds everyone else you come across. You may not even consider that person a friend anymore, more like a long-lost sister you are convinced got separated at birth. Regardless of who it is, there are definitely some signs that point to who that person is in your life.

1. She is the first person you call to give any type of news.

Failed your test? Went on a date with a cute guy? Saw a dog while you were walking home? Big or small, bad or good, you want her to be the first person to know. Since she's your best friend, she'll always have the same reaction as you since you two are basically the same person.

2. You share absolutely everything!!!

No need to go to the mall when you need something, just go straight to your best friends closet! If you don't have something, she most likely will. From clothes to shoes, to beauty products, what's mine is hers.

3. She's already apart of your family (and you're apart of hers).

Oh, how many times I have gone on Snapchat just to see that my family and best friend are hanging out once again without my knowledge. If your best friend is really your best friend, they should feel at home and comfortable with your family (even if you're not there.) You bring her out to every family function and vacation because, without her, your family feels incomplete.

4. You can sit together in complete silence and it's just as fun as a night out.

Sometimes the simple joy of sitting with someone and just enjoying their company is better than a crazy night out. Don't get me wrong, a night out with your girlfriends is definitely needed once in a while but everyone needs a day or two to relax. And once you've found your best friend, you want them there too.

5. You've seen each other at your worst.

What comes along with being so close is that you see each other at every stage in your life. The worst and the best parts are all shared with your best friend. They are there through it all and stick with you even when you feel like you've hit rock bottom. Having a true friend through your worst times is important because that's when you can really tell they are there for you through it all.

6. You've already planned your futures together.

Neighbors in a cute little neighborhood down south, husbands and kids that are best friends, our cute puppies running around the backyard, family dinners every week and family vacations every year. You've most likely spent a lot of time with your best friend and what more do girls like to do than plan? You're lying if you said you've never thought about how you can't wait to live right down the street from each other.

7. They support all of your decisions and don't let you make bad ones.

The best thing about them is that they support you in whatever you want to do...for the most part. A real friend would never let you make bad decisions that they know will only end in a disaster. They want only the absolute best for you so don't be mad or upset if they're just trying to help. Sometimes they know what's best for you before you can figure it out.

8. No matter what, they will always be there for you.

No matter what happens, no matter how badly you might mess up, you know your best friend is going to be there for you. Even in the toughest times you know they'll be there by your side through it all. Having someone through the ups and downs of your life is important. They're so much more than your best friend, they're apart of you.