To My Future Husband
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To My Future Husband

"I hope he's growing and maturing, becoming who he's supposed to be."

To My Future Husband

To My Future Husband:

First things first, you should know I think about you often. Not in a weird, I want to know who you are and marry you right away, but in an "I hope he's growing and maturing, becoming who he's supposed to be" kind of way. I want us both to be the best versions of ourselves when you come into my life as a potential husband. Even though I don't know who you are yet, I want nothing but happiness for you and if I'm going to one day be your happiness, you should know a few things that I will basically require of you. So the bad news is that if this doesn't sound like you then you aren't the lucky guy who could possibly mary me one day.

1. Go find God, go find yourself, and then come find me.

PLEASE put me last in this situation. I want you to be a God fearing man who will want to lead me closer to Christ and who will remind me where my faith is when I'm failing to remember. I want you to pray for me and with me. I want to see God in you first and then see the man I happened to fall in love with second.

2. Be a positive person.

I'm "requiring" you of this because I'm the complete opposite, and I need someone to help balance me out. I'm a negative Nancy, and I'd love some positive Polly in my life. I'm not asking you to always find the light and to always smile in hard situations; I know you're only human, but try to lead me down a more positive path every day. Try to keep my mind out of the dark place it's so comfortable with.

3. Have lots, and lots, and lots of patience and PLEASE try to be slow to anger.

This one is actually for your own benefit because I'm a hardheaded person. I will push your buttons and try to get on every nerve you have left. I will to my best to drive you absolutely insane. I have been around people my entire life who let the smallest things tick them off. I don’t want you to get mad at something and say the most hurtful things that you would never say on a good day, and that I know you don’t mean deep down. They still hurt though and that’s something I won’t be able to put up with. I know that we all have our days and that sometimes the world and anger gets the best of us, but please try your hardest to hold your tongue and to breathe before you speak.

4. No matter how hard it is, talk it out.

My parents are divorced and I know talking can't always fix things, but it can help. I don't want to have to find another you and start all over again. If I married you, I meant forever. So when something is bothering you, we're fighting, or if something is becoming between us, let's talk it out.

5. Please have a good personality.

I know that sounds cliché, but I mean it. I want to be able to go grocery shopping or go to Walmart and it take hours because you're stopping and talking to everyone you know. I want you to be friendly and to have people. I want you to give the shirt off your back to anyone who may need it, and I want you to just give off good vibes. I want people to know you're good for me. I want you to be nice to everyone regardless if they're homeless or the president. I want you to smile often, say hello to strangers, and keep me smiling.

6. For your own sake, respect and love your mama.

And in general, you family. Especially if you have siblings because my sisters are my life and they will have to love you and support my decision to be with you. They have always said that how a man treats his mama is how he'll treat you. It seems to be pretty accurate so far, unless the situation is crazy and then that's another subject. Just treat her with respect and show her the appreciation she deserves. I want to know that she means a lot to you. Maybe then I'll know that I'll mean a lot to you, you'll respect me, and choose to keep loving me.

7. Be completely spontaneous, and completely ordinary at the same time.

I'm the type of person who can go on a wild adventure at 2:00am or I can lay in bed all day and watch movies. I want to be able to have something in common with you. I want to be able to choose a vacation spot, but also skip that party we were supposed to attend because we would rather just spend time together at home.

8. Be prepared for my depression.

It'll hit me like a train which will only affect you as well. It may be hard, and it may be never ending, but I promise it's worth it. I am NOT my depression and once you realize that, it'll make the battle that much easier. Speaking of this subject, please don't ever think it's something you did or that you can do more for me. As long as you're there to hold me while I cry, listen to my thoughts, and continue to love me, I WILL be okay. I always am!

9. Please be a good daddy.

I rather you be a good daddy than a good husband. I know you may be calling me crazy, but my future children will be my entire world in human versions. Please take time with them, listen to them, understand them, be nice to them, and be you with them. Don't think that money and gifts will cut it. I want my children to have a good memory of their parents, and that better include you being a good daddy. They deserve that, I already know they do.

10. You better love animals, especially dogs.

And no, I'm not being funny. I will probably beg you to bring home a new dog every week. I will have the decency to ask your opinion on another dog, but I'm not making any promises that I'll listen to your wishes. I WILL bring home any stray dog I find. So just be prepared for that. #sorrynotsorry

PS: A big plus is if you love ranch as much as I do. If you don't then we can work around it, but it won't be fun.

I know it sounds crazy and cliché, but maybe you'll read this or maybe I'll be able to show it to you years down the road and you'll be this list of things plus so much more for me. I pray for you every single day and I think about you more and more often. I can't wait to meet you, marry you, and love you forever.

Love always,

Your Future Wife.

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