Future Focus Me

My Focus For The Future is Me and my happiness

College is such a difficult time to try and get your life together. Graduation will be a new start for me.


Since I was five years old, I have been learning.

I have been spending my life in school to prepare me for a career that will give me innovative challenges that I can't wait to tackle.

I have been dreaming of the day that I go to my office smiling and don't mind that I have a lot of work to do. In fact, I'll be excited to get started. And after each day, my dogs will welcome me home with licks and snuggles. I'll finally have the time to care of myself by exercising and eating healthy. That's my dream.

I want to be able to live my dream.

Many adults I know regret not working or taking more time for themselves after college. I don't want to live with the same regrets. After I graduate, I want to begin a job that makes me feel confident that I chose the right career path. I also want to have "me time". It will be essential that I can check in with myself and see if I am happy with my life. If not, I can make changes easily, because I will only have to worry about me.

I want my future to revolve around my successes. College is such a difficult place and time to attempt to get your life together. Graduation will be a new start for me.

I'll be able to get enough sleep, work out before driving to the office, then using my knowledge to work on amazing projects.

Once I'm comfortable with all I have achieved, then I'll reevaluate my focus for the future. Until then, I can't wait to get started.

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