Funny Questions to be Conversation Starters

Funny Questions to be Conversation Starters

When you need something to talk about to fill in that awkward silence

1. If animals could talk could have conversations with humans, who would be the meanest?

3. What are some things that are okay to do occasionally but not acceptable to do every day?

4. What part of an old Disney channel TV show scarred you for life?

5. What is the funniest real name you have ever heard?

6. What would you do if you could trade bodies with your best friend, significant other, sibling, parent, etc.?

7. Have you ever done something and never told anyone?

8. Who is one fictional character you wish you could meet in real life?

9. If your life was made into a movie, what kinds of things would be in the bloopers?

10. What would you do if you didn't have a phone, computer, iPod, TV, books, or any other type of entertainment?

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find someone who treats you different, Not better

Stop holding yourself to the same standard you did last time.


Often we go into a new relationship evaluating every circumstance and identifying if it's "better" than what we experienced prior to.

It's okay to be mindful of our past mistakes and standards but it's not okay to rely on them in the future to shape another relationship.

Not only is that an insult to your newest partner and their motives, it is not healthy for your own personal growth.

That's the equivalent to getting a new job and trying to apply those duties & responsibilities at your most recent job to the new setting.

This would effect the business as a whole, from the boss regretting their newest hire to the employees fighting to understand why you're clinging onto these norms in your newest position.

Currently, I'm experiencing something different. Something I've had the opportunity to become comfortable with.

It's an adjustment like no other when you've only known what you've been exposed to in the past, but it's no better feeling than opening up to a new situation and welcoming everything that comes with that.

There will be moments when you're asking yourself and your new partner if it's going to be too hard.

The answer is no.

No because you deserve to be treated like the king or queen you are & that's not possible if you allow your next partner to be present in your life in anyway remotely similar to your ex partner.

It's an easy task.

Open your heart to that new feeling but never compare that feeling to how you felt about your last partner because that shows digression.

Simultaneously, it's only correct to be aware that the feelings you had before with your latest partner made today's feeling possible. Don't fail to forget what has made you who you are now, it's essential to make your next relationship greater because you're appreciative and aware of what this relationship can be but probably will pass your expectations.

As I write this, I've not only let go of what my last feelings were, I've become incredibly satisfied with what my new ones consist of.

Many different reactions, many different creations.

I'm thankful for what my heart and soul has equated to and that has only made this new stage in my life that much sweeter because I know that I'm ready for anything that is thrown at me now.

The right person will come along and change your life, but they won't stop there.

They'll change your standards, your outlook on life and even change your mind about how you used to feel.

All of these things sound sweet and worth the adjustment but it won't reach it's potential if your standards never change.

Would you rather be treated different or "better"?

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