Laughter really is the best medicine, so take a heaping dose of these comedians! I'm not really sure if I even have a favorite; that would be like picking a favorite child.

1. Bret Kreischer

This one had me in tears. Hands down a favorite, enjoy this beautiful masterpiece.

2. Josh Wolf 

Talk about a bachelor party.

3. Craig Conant

This dude always has me in tears, and his stories never fail to make me laugh. And his laugh is the best.

4. Chris D'Elia

This dude is just all around great with his mockery.

5. Bret Erest 

If you think you're a bad babysitter just wait till your hear this one about a crazy teenager.

Whenever you're having a bad day, or just need a laugh I hope you can refer back to this list and it can make you smile! Which comedian is your favorite? Who makes you laugh the most?