We have all been to our fair share of lectures and have taken something away from them (hopefully). Every lecture has something special about it, whether its an amazing professor, a boring professor, a class full of athletes, or something super funny and unprompted happens that makes us remember that class forever. These are those stories.

1. "I took a new media class taught by the guy who did that emotion-manipulation experiment on Facebook and we spent one class just going on chat roulette on the big screen in front of ~100 people."

2. "There was this kid who opened a test once said “F this shit” and walked out of the room."

3. "In my 'Power of Maps' class, our teacher showed us a map of popular songs in many parts of New York City. "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by Beastie Boys was the most popular in Brooklyn.  Our teacher, a sweet 60-year-old woman, didn't know what that song was so I belted out the chorus and the first verse."

4. "Freshman year my econ professor brought a puppy German Shepard to class, and it started to circle like it was about to poo and the professor tried grabbing paper towels but he couldn’t get it under the dogs butt in time and the dog took the wettest and MOST DISGUSTINGLY smelling poo. Everyone was gagging and my professor said right away “ok class is cancelled.”"

5. "My sociology professor was trying to prove a point about spontaneous behavior and randomly went from lecturing to screaming and threw his iclicker, it hit the ceiling and came crashing down batteries flying and all. Then, he causally walked over, collected the parts, put it back together, told us not to tell anyone and continued lecturing."

6. "I had a professor/advisor freak out because he sent a PTK promotional flyer for review. He walked into the room and asked how it looked not knowing he had forgotten to delete the second page of the template which was up on my screen. Me: "I totally would join after seeing this" Professor: "What the..." He stormed out of the room to his office across the building to resend the flyer before I could stop him."

7. "One time in my biology class last year, this kid raised his hand during class when we had a substitute teacher, and asked her, "hey so can I leave because I just really don't wanna be here" and everyone laughed and she was like "uh yeah I guess" so he left"

8. "In my English class, freshman year, none of us did this hard and dumb assignment and our professor was PISSED. He threatened to fail all of us and make us do this extra work and etc. So, one of my guy friends sang "Big Girls Don't Cry" in front of the entire lecture hall and our professor all gave us an A for the assignment we did not do."

9. "My friend was in a lecture and there was a dance off between one guy in the front and a guy near the back in the middle of the class."

10. "My public speaking professor allowed everyone to use one note card for a three-minute speech. I had to peer-review a speech where the student used five notebook pages, read her "extemporaneous" speech word for word and flipped through the pages awkwardly throughout the speech because she didn't have them in order."

11. "On the first day of my marketing class, a kid sits down next to me in the middle of a 500+ seat lecture hall, reaches in his backpack, pulls out a small bottle of vodka and goes "holy sh*t I forgot about this guy!!!!" and chugs the entire thing before the teacher even starts class. His parting words were "ooh, I'm probably gonna have to take an Uber home""

12. "In the middle of March during an exam "All I Want For Christmas Is You" started playing from my phone.  Then later on I found out my professor tweeted about it, and he was not a fan."

13. "My econ professor took a selfie with our class on the first day of lecture to convince all of us to follow him on Twitter."

14. "For my 9:30 Entrepreneurship class my professor did not say anything, just walked in class, went to the computer and put on the music video for "Natural" by Imagine Dragons, and even during class he never mentioned it, so it served zero purpose he just wanted to play it for us I guess."

15. "My Media Studies professor commonly said things like: "I am cartoonishly liberal." "If you don't like me as a professor, I don't really care, because all I have to do is look at my teaching award." "Stop shuffling." "If you hate this class, it's because you are not doing well." and "If I'm awake, you're awake."

I hope that these stories gave you a laugh and you will have your own funny lecture stories to tell someday.