10 Fun Things To Do Within 4 Hours Of FGCU
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10 Fun Things To Do Within 4 Hours Of FGCU

Because we all know that Fort Myers can be a little boring.

10 Fun Things To Do Within 4 Hours Of FGCU

If you don't mind driving a little bit, here are some activities that you can do. They either can be an all day affair or they can be a quick trip! You don't have to travel that far to have fun, just a simple drive can take you to another part of the area you didn't even know existed.

1. Miami Beach - Miami, Florida

There are so many things to do here, you have the beach. Then there are all the little shops and the stores that are along the Miami Beach Strip. And don't get me started on all the different restaurants and little cafes that are scattered around the city.

2.Shy Wolf Sanctuary - Naples, Florida

This sanctuary homes many different kinds of species, mainly wolves. Where you would be able to visit with them and learn all about the different animals. And even get to pet a wolf. Spaces for their tours fill up fast, so try and sign up as soon as possible.

3. Farmer Mikes U Pick - Bonita Springs, Florida

This farm is a place that you can pick flowers, fruits, and all kinds of vegetables. Its got a cafe with a bunch of yummy foods, and it is a fun little day trip that can turn a boring Saturday into an exciting one.

4. Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary - Sarasota, Florida

This is your spot if you love all types of big cats, it houses a bunch of different species of them. Not to mention there are a bunch of different animals as well that call this place home

5. Oxford Exchange - Tampa, Florida

Yes, I know this is such a basic place, but you can grab a bite to eat at their restaurant which is sooooo yummy. And then walk around there shop, grab some coffee or tea and take a lot of pictures because this place is so aesthetically pleasing.

6.Top golf - Tampa, Florida

So this isn't for everyone but if you like sports, this is a pretty neat place! There are a bunch of different food options and you can play for a pretty decent amount of time.

7. Tampa Museum of Art - Tampa, Florida

If you are artistically inclined, then this museum has some interesting and beautiful pieces that are sure to amaze.

8.Weeki Wachi Springs - Spring Hill, Florida

This place is home to mermaids! Yes, I said mermaids!!! There is a mini water park, along with the natural spring, and a bunch of mermaid-themed activities!

9. Walt Disney World - Orlando, Florida

I mean this is obvious! Yes, the tickets are a bit expensive but they are always offering deals on tickets. And if you are a Florida resident they give a discount. But if you don't want to spend a decent amount of money then you can always visit Disney Springs. There are a bunch of shops, so many restaurants and different activities that don't involve spending a lot of money.

10. Devil's Den Prehistoric Spring- Williston, Florida

Some more springs but there are caves here, there are also a lot of different activities that you can do like kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, etc. And you can get a tan while your at it.
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