My dog is my best friend, and I love taking her absolutely everywhere with me! I pretty much treat her like she is not only my child, but a human. I buy her toddler clothes to dress her up, I have CHI products that I put in her fur, and she always gets Chick-fil-A and Starbucks if I do.

My sweet pup is literally my best friend, so I want her to have fun this summer too!

1. Take Them To A Baseball Field

Where I live, we have tons of baseball fields! We have baseball fields for the high schools and tons of baseball fields for the little league teams. When it's pretty and warm outside, I love to take my dog to the baseball field with some tennis balls and just let her run and play! She has the best time ever!

2. Take Them To A Park or Dog Park

We don't really have any dog parks where I'm from, but I really love to take my girl to the park on her leash and just walk around on a pretty day and let her get some exercise in. It benefits us both, and we also don't stay cooped up inside on such a pretty day!

3. Buy Them A Kiddie Pool

I literally went to Walmart and bought a little children's pool for like $8. I brought it home, filled it with water, and put it in the front yard with a lawn chair. I threw some tennis balls and water-friendly toys into the pool and put my dog in there! She had the best time ever splashing around in her own pink pool while I sat with my feet in and listened to music!

This is a great alternative if you don't have a pool, or if you don't allow your fur baby in your pool!

4. Take Them To The Lake

I love taking my dog to the lake! I stand in the water and let her splash around! Sometimes, we even get on the float together and float around in the lake on a hot summer day! She absolutely loves it and we both have tons of fun in the sun!

5. Take Them For Ice Cream

A lot of ice cream places with give your sweet fur baby a small cup of ice cream or whipped cream! This is so perfect and fun for you and your doggo to enjoy a sweet treat together in the hot summer sun! If you don't have places around you that do this, you can always go to your local supermarket (Walmart, Publix, Kroger, etc.) because they usually ALWAYS sell some sort of ice cream specifically made for dogs! You can find this is the ice cream section!

6. Take Them For A Picnic or Hike

If you and your friends, family, or significant other want to go have a picnic or a hike somewhere, always consider bringing your fur baby along! I love doing this because while we are all sitting there eating and enjoying a nice day, my dog always has either a bone or a KONG toy full of peanut butter! This keeps them occupied while you're eating, and everyone is enjoying a nice day outside!

7. Take Them Downtown

If you live in a town that has a downtown area, or some sort of area with lots of shops and places to eat outside, consider bringing your pupper along to enjoy some fresh air while you sit outside and eat or just go and walk around! They will probably enjoy it as much as you!

8. Take Them Shopping

Even though you can really do this year-round, this is such a fun activity that you and your doggo can both love!! A lot of places allow dogs in their stores. I know in my area there is a ton of stores that allow dogs like Michael's, TJ Maxx, etc. You can also always call ahead and ask!