I have no idea what to say here. Why? Because this is a list of things my dad has taught me. He's a complete asshole sometimes, but overall, I know no one loves me more. I know he never stops thinking about me and my safety. I know that we are very similar in so many ways. (Scary, right?) I am very lucky to share the same DNA as this guy.

1. How to curse like a sailor

Like father, like son.

2. How to cry like a man

We are so weepy-eyed all the time. I cannot imagine life without being emotional about how amazing my friends are, how much I miss NYC and all the stories about Bert's Big Adventure.

3. How to be passionate

Dad is one of the most passionate people I know. I do not even come close to his passion but one day I hope to.

4. How to love someone so much that you're obnoxious

And we are back to crying...

5. How to always have something to say

We just cannot help it.

6. How to be helplessly loyal

We just now how to be a good friend, and will always be there for the people we love. Oh, and more tears.

7. How to eat good food

We'll have an appetizer, salad, soup, entree, extra side. Oh, and can we see the desert menu?

Thanks, Dad.