Fun/Free Things To Do Over Christmas Break.

Okay, so I know that a lot of people suffer from boredom over breaks. I am not one of those people typically but I know some people who are. I also know that around Christmas time the finances get tight. So I I thought I would share some unique, funny, and enjoyable things to do this Christmas break if you start to suffer from boredom. Try some of these things out and see how much you have!

Recreate old photos.

It is so funny and everyone will surely get a great kick out of it. Everyone in your family will laugh about it for hours and it makes a great gag gift. Just find some similar clothes that you own now and say cheese!

Have a snowball fight.

This is a classic way to have fun. keep score or play on teams. This will make it a lot more interesting. It is basically a magical gift from nature that we should make the most of. At least make a snow angel or make some snow cream. Snow can be used for so many wonderful things so the next time it snows don't spend all day inside.

Make a blanket fort and watch movies.

Show off your building skills here. Get a bunch of blankets and chairs and make a giant fort. Put pillows all over the floor and get cozy. Turn on your favorite movies and pull out some snacks and just have a blast.

Sing karaoke.

Just get on YouTube and search any karaoke version of the song you are wanting to sing. You don't have to be good. Actually, it is better and funnier if you are terrible. Don't be shy. Try to gather up an audience and take turns. Try to see who can have the worst performance.

Check out a book from the library without reading what it is about.

Don't read the summary. Choose a book just by its cover, take it home and try it. Go to a section that you usually wouldn't normally check out. Pick out a cover that doesn't look like a typical book you would read. It might be terrible, but it might be amazing. Either way, it will be an adventure. Most public libraries you can check out books for free by getting a free membership card.

Whatever you decide to do this break, don't think that you have to be bored. You can always find something wonderful to do with your free time. Life moves at such a fast pace it is nice to catch up with people. Make every second count and find something that you truly love to do. I hope you have a wonderful, creative, full of life break.

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