Full Metal Alchemist Live Action: Review
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Full Metal Alchemist Live Action: Review

I have been waiting on this for so long!

Full Metal Alchemist Live Action: Review

All my FMA fans you already know what's up! We must talk about the 'Full-Metal Alchemist' Live Action Movie on Netflix!

Now, overall I think it was wonderful! They stayed true to the plot, and the characters' motivations and emotions. I knew immediately who each character was as soon as they came onscreen. I am a big fan of Brotherhood for its character development and representation. But I am so much more in love with the original FMA because its tone was so sad, so serious, and emotional- I am a sucker for anime like that. That was the tone of this adaption. The one thing that rubbed me the wrong way was how obvious they made Winery and Ed's love for each other. In the anime, it is implied until they finally admit it; this movie made it clear as day, losing some of the desire to ship them two! They were still cute though.

To begin y'all, you must understand that this movie was only two hours long. 'Full-Metal Alchemist' and 'Full-Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood' have several seasons and at least two movies! There is no way they could have included every single character. I think this was a wonderful way to introduce the characters and their truths to new audiences and to also give us a chance to revisit our favorite brother duo, Edward and Alphonse. This movie did a great job at displaying the sadness Ed and Al felt when their mother passed, their little bodies using their big minds to research and gather their knowledge of the forbidden human transmutation.

When they finally do it, which ends up unsuccessful, the theory of “Equivalent Exchange” has no mercy and takes Alphonse away. So Ed has to give up a body part to bring his brother back, but he can only bring his soul back, which he ends up transmuting into an empty armor.

The boys realize that they won’t ever be able to bring their mother back and refuse to face the consequences of ever trying again. But Ed grows hellbent on surviving his guilt by being narrowly focused on getting Alphonse’s body back and isn't scared to go through anything or anybody who stands in their way.

What I love about this anime, is that you can see that Alphonse is down for getting his body back, but there are moments when he’s just happy to be with his brother and his friends. Sometimes it seems like he’s only on the road to make sure his brother doesn’t get hurt. Ed hits Alphonse with deep, tear-jerking monologues whenever Alphonse feels uncertain of the journey or complacent with his current state. The boys must get a Philosopher's stone to get Al's body back! With that being said, the first scene’s graphics were LIT! I loved them and they were on point!

We then get a chance to meet Mustang and Hawkeye. I must say, I have a huge crush on Hawkeye and wish we could have seen how “out-cold” she is in the anime. In this movie nevertheless, she held her own.

And y'all, the part when Dr. Tucker was introduced, I was already mad! I swear y'all, I cannot stand Father’s Day because everyone sends me memes that simply read: “Ed-ward.”

Tucker, out of anxiousness and fear of losing his license and usefulness, transmutes his daughter and dog. In the anime, Ed’s reaction broke my heart just as it broke my heart in the movie. I cried, I literally cried.

The part that gets me every time is when Hughes is assassinated. Everyone knows he’s the realest one in the whole series! He didn’t deserve it. That’s just where I’m going to leave it, that’s the second time I cried during the movie. The movie did a good job and was accurate with the way it happened, how and why it happened, the reaction to it, the context, and who did it. While Al, was in the Tucker

While Al, was in Tucker’s home he was told Ed may have implanted false memories inside him. And when he confronts him became my favorite part of the live action movie. Because at this point in the movie Winery is with the boys, everyone knows that she’s been on their team forever! But her love for Edward is the cutest thing, even when she’s being blunt with him.

The fight between Ed and Al was so heartbreaking because as usual, the monologues are so personal and you can hear the sadness behind the anger. Every blow taken and thrown is felt not only by the characters but by the audience! Thankfully, Winery steps in to remind Al that Ed does everything for him, and that kind of love isn’t cheap and is so rare. This is the third time that I cried during the movie.

The end of the movie comes with them defeating the possessed soldiers and the Homunculi which is done so well! I love a happy ending! Even though they didn’t get Al’s body yet, it ends on a positive note of a continuing journey.

In conclusion, compared to the live action 'Death Note' adaption, which I will start a petition to have written in the death note itself,

this live action was impressive and inspiring! I’m so proud, it was consistent, true, and entertaining. I hope we get a sequel so we can see all the characters come to life! Man, I hope we get to see my homie, Armstrong, snap on Sloth for the one time.

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