2017 Full NBA Mock Draft
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2017 Full NBA Mock Draft

Pick two may as well be a superstar, or the 12th pick in the 2022 draft, or Paul George.

2017 Full NBA Mock Draft

This draft is an exit sign to the loaded 2018 free agent market. So, it is my duty here to offer my highly uncertain insight into where this year's batch of players will land, albeit for short while. Enjoy.

1. Philadelphia (from BOS via BKN) - Markelle Fultz, WAS

It's obvious, right? That is, unless there's another seismic trade.

2. LA Lakers - Lonzo Ball, UCLA

Magic isn't fooling anyone; rather, he's just been winding the media grapevine to his pleasure. Ball will stay in the City of Angels.

3. Boston (from PHI) - Jayson Tatum, Duke

The Celtics don't need a draft pick, let alone the third overall pick, to get them over the hump in the Eastern Conference. Will the player selected here be dealt immediately, as a part a Danny Ainge roster overhaul? Likely. Until then, I feel confident penciling-in the NBA-ready Tatum here.

4. Phoenix - Josh Jackson, Kansas

If the Suns don't prevaricate and do what many expect - trade Eric Bledsoe, or Brandon Knight - then I can see them taking either the sheer-scoring Malik Monk or his teammate, the two-way speedster De'Aaron Fox. However, it'll be nearly impossible to mark every trade and its implications on this draft, given the amount of movement already.

5. Sacramento Kings (from PHI) - De'Aaron Fox, Kentucky

The Kings will definitely look to snag a point, given the expiring deals of Darren Collison and Ty Lawson. I think De'Aaron Fox would be a superior fit than Monk here.

6. Orlando - Donovan Mitchell, Louisville

The Magic finally get a pure shooter, one that can spot-up just as well as he can create with open looks. This may be a reach, as Orlando may prefer a player of Monk's ilk, a shooter will satisfy the pick, regardless.

7. Minnesota - Jonathan Isaac, FSU

If only the Timberwolves could fend off the injury bug for a full season, one might finally see some contention in the Western Conference. I know many will have Markkanen here, but Isaac is a different breed, one that astounds with grace and fluidity.

8. New York - Malik Monk, Kentucky

The Knicks will take points anyway they can get 'em, and Monk has the tenacity and will to dazzle in the Garden.

9. Dallas - Lauri Markkanen, Arizona

With their only 2017 free agent being Nerlens Noel, the Mavs should continue with much of the same roster entering the upcoming season. If Markkanen even becomes a poor man's Dirk, Mark Cuban will be satisfied.

10. Sacramento (from NO) - Zack Collins, Gonzaga

I know the whole two-guard marksmen hasn't worked for Sac Town (i.e. Nik Stauskas, Ben McLemore), and I think Hield will stay put. Look for them to draft a center with their second top-ten pick.

11. Charlotte, Luke Kennard, Duke

The Hornets were already a fringe Eastern Conference contender. I'm not saying the acquisition of Dwight Howard will drastically change fortunes for the better; however, he will be an improvement over Miles Plumlee. Throw the Nik Stauskas comparisons aside. Charlotte should stay in-state to land a much-needed sharpshooter.

12. Detroit - Jarrett Allen, Texas

There have been rumblings about Andre Drummond getting dealt the last three years, unsurprisingly. Allen, a project, has the workings of an NBA body, with freakish hands and a wingspan that could cover the Great Lakes in time. He could make an impact in 2-3 years.

13. Denver - John Collins, Wake Forest

The troika of Nikola Jokic, Emmanuel Mudiay and Jamal Murray might be the only thing permanently off the trading block in Denver. Despite that realistic assumption, the Nugs will look to supplement that nucleus with another player could grow into a byproduct of the times: the light-footed rebounder, Collins, who would be transcendent if he could add a jumper to his arsenal.

14. Miami - Justin Jackson, North Carolina

Sublime defense? Enter Justice Winslow. Steadfast scoring? Enter Justin Jackson.

15. Portland - D.J. Wilson, Michigan

A big revelation, Jusuf Nurkic, paired with the two star guards in Portland makes it seem as if the Blazers don't have any glaring needs. I wouldn't be shocked if the Blazers dealt one of their hefty contracts (e.g. Evan Turner, Allen Crabbe, or otherwise) with this pick. If that doesn't take place here, Portland could go with a floor-stretcher in Wilson, who would fill a void with shooting big men, while also giving the team more diversity on its front lines.

16. Chicago - Frank Ntilikina, Strasbourg International (France)

The shot-deficient Michael Carter-Williams appears to be a lost cause in the Windy City, when speaking of utilizable backup point guards. Perhaps the greatest shooter in the draft, Nttilikina, could visibly supplant MCW.

17. Milwaukee - Bam Adebayo, Kentucky

I know, Thon Maker one of the brightest stars in the NBA. So are Malcolm Brogdon, Jabari Parker, Giannis... My point: The Bucks are rife with talent, not looking to stop such. Why not develop Adebayo's repertoire, like Maker's was last year? Adebayo's presence would surely allow Maker to slide into his (more-natural) position at power forward.

18. Indiana - Terrance Ferguson, Adelaide

Paul George is going, going, back, back to Cali, or Cleveland, or, in short, one of the 29 other teams in the association, as these absurd sweepstakes continue. But Fret not Indy fans, as your squad will be reloaded with fresh talent soon enough. That should begin with... well, anyone who's young and doesn't have an unloadable contract. An athletic wing with a decent-looking shot should be a start. Does that remind you of anyone?

19. Atlanta - Justin Patton, Creighton

Atlanta's dealing of Dwight Howard signaled something: this offense will revolve around Dennis Schroder, and his skillset, by any means. That implies that everyone on the floor is a floor-runner, quick on his feet. Why not draft the best athletic big to emerge from this class?

20. Portland (from MEM) - Dennis Smith, N.C. State

I have to think that Portland will try to deftly obscure one of 2016's offseason fails, but if someone like Dennis Smith, who has been a polarizing guy, is still around, the Blazers will surely go with the N.C. product. Portland may also package their slew of picks.

21. Oklahoma City - T.J. Leaf, UCLA

Eerie similarities to Nick Collison a concern? Not necessarily. The Thunder love them some 6-foot-10 guys (Taj Gibson, Collison, Mitch McGary) who eat up the floor. Also, Leaf's experience in a high-octane, fast-paced offense back at UCLA should translate perfectly to OKC.

22. Brooklyn (from WAS) - Isaiah Hartenstein, Zalgiris

Imagine the flack the Nets would receive if they were to draft a complete project. Well..., at least Hartenstein has upside.

23. Toronto (from LAC) - Caleb Swanigan, Purdue

Kyle Lowry will be well-suited for his hometown Sixers — sees the frenzy that has occurred at the top of the draft* — as a bench coach, maybe. In all seriousness, the Rapts will likely try retaining Serge Ibaka, who was a marvelous fit in the 6, as Lowry will certainly stay. With power forward being a position of need, even if Ibaka re-ups for the Raptors, Swanigan will provide broad intangibles and a workhorse mentality like none other.

24. Utah - Derrick White, Colorado

George Hill is an unrestricted free agent, so the point guard position becomes a need for the Jazz. Though the Jazz have their impressive slew of big men, scoring is a necessity. White would take pressure off of the seemingly ageless Joe Johnson, while dominating the pick and roll.

25. Orlando (from TOR) - OG Anunoby, Indiana

A better playmaker than Aaron Gordon and an eventual replacement for Jeff Green, Anunoby makes too much sense here.

26. Portland (from CLE) - Jonah Bolden, Radnicki Basket

Bolden can proficiently spread the floor and provide Portland with more big-man depth, which is crucial given the injury-prone 7-footers who are inhabiting this team.

27. LA Lakers (from BKN) - Semi Ojeleye, SMU

Magic, puh-lease, just pull your strings like the rest of the world knows you will. For the team that selects here, the method is simple: best player available.

28. LA Lakers (from HOU) - Anzejs Pasecniks, Gran Canaria

(See: Pick 27.)

29. San Antonio - Josh Bell, Oregon

He may not have the face-up game of Pau Gasol, or LaMarcus Aldridge, but Bell is a fluid floor-runner who has a penchant for rebounding.

30. Utah (from GS) - Tony Bradley, UNC

Bradley would be a head-above-water pick, if Derrick Favors is to be on the move.

Second Round

31. Charlotte (from BKN) - Devin Robinson, Florida
32. Phoenix - Frank Jackson, Duke
33. Orlando (from LAL) - Ivan Rabb, California
34. Sacramento (from PHI) - P.J. Dozier, South Carolina
35. Orlando - Frank Mason, Kansas
36. Philadelphia (from NYK) - Josh Hart, Villanova
37. Boston (from MIN) - Harry Giles, Duke
38. Chicago (from SAC) - Alec Peters, Valparaiso
39. Philadelphia (from DAL) - L.J. Peak, Georgetown
40. New Orleans - Jawun Evans, Oklahoma St.
41. Atlanta (from CHA) - Tyler Lydon, Syracuse
42. Utah (from DET) - Dillon Brooks, Oregon
43. Houston (from DEN) - Jonathan Motely, Baylor
44. New York (from CHI) - Thomas Bryant, Indiana
45. Houston (from POR) - Tyler Dorsey, Oregon
46. Philadelphia (from MIA) - Cameron Oliver, Nevada
47. Indiana - Damyean Dotson, Houston
48. Milwaukee - Kyle Kuzma, Utah
49. Denver (from MEM) - Sterling Brown, SMU
50. Philadelphia (from ATL) - V.J. Beachem, Notre Dame
51. Denver (from OKC) - Edmond Sumner, Xavier
52. Washington - Jaron Blossomgame, Clemson
53. Boston (from CLE) - Jonathan Jeanne, Nancy
54. Phoenix (from TOR) - Nigel Williams-Goss, Gonzaga
55. Utah - Devin Robinson, Florida
56. Boston (from LAC) - Vlatko Cancar, Mega Bemax
57. Brooklyn (from BOS) - Alberto Abalde, Joventut
58. New York (from HOU) - Kadeem Allen, Arizona
59. San Antonio - Monte Morris, Iowa St.
60. Atlanta (from GS) - Isaiah Hicks, UNC
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