"Moana" is a great movie. "Frozen" is a good movie. They are seemingly so different that I don't even want to compare the two. But I will. I loved Frozen, I saw it three or four times in theaters. Believe me, I was on the Frozen train for quite awhile - but I have to acknowledge the faults in its very appeal. Starting with the fact that Frozen was in fact not the first movie to focus on relationships outside that of the romantic realm. I wouldn't even say it did that much outside of romance in the first place considering Ana is a Disney princess who has two love interests.

From a plot standpoint, Moana is a superior movie -especially if we are talking in terms of being revolutionary and/or meaningful. Moana has no love interest to speak of, it's just her and the open sea. This focus on one character instead of a couple gave room for so much character development and more intimate moments. But the audience still gets exposed to a variety of characters as the main character goes about her journey. While Frozen was charming, some parts seemed rushed or condensed due to what I can only assume was a lack of time to expand. I personally don't feel like Elsa reached a point in her character development that would truly allow her to come to the conclusion that she does in the end. More than half the movie is just her in an ice castle -fearing her own powers. There is no self discovery; she only finds some sort of answer in her sister's sacrifice, and that is still unsatisfactory.

On the other hand, Moana is all about self discovery. Like Elsa, Moana has her doubts, but unlike Elsa, people are calling Moana out on her doubts. Moreover, Moana is able to liberate herself from her own doubts and show real personal growth. Where I will give Frozen props is, wherein Moana roots itself in bravery, Frozen is rooted in sacrifice. While I clearly have a favorite movie, both have great soundtracks and create engaging, relatable characters. The animations are beautiful and each teach their own important lessons. Moana and Frozen both have a special place my heart. But for me, Moana is definitely shaping up to be one of my favorite disney princesses. Time to go watch it again (I am being completely serious).