From The Person With The Not So Perfect Past
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From The Person With The Not So Perfect Past

Some of us realize our pasts aren't so savory.

From The Person With The Not So Perfect Past
Damian J. McDonald

Everyone has a past, filled with wonderful and not so wonderful memories. As newly emerging adults, we sometimes have the tendency to reflect on these memories and realize how much they have made us into the person we are today. We also sometimes reflect on how much we have changed, and how much we have learned in our short amount of years we have had growing up so far. Some of us realize that our pasts aren't so savory...

From those of us who have had these pasts filled with mischief and mistakes, we would like to say we are so sorry for the harm we ever caused and the hurt we ever inflicted with our wrongdoings. We realize that we have had times when we have been downright selfish, irresponsible, and mean to others. We also realize that we may have lost the respect of the people around us, whether that may be family, friends, or classmates.

We would also like to say, or request, that you try to not judge us for our pasts. We realize what we have done, and how others may view us, but that doesn't even compare to how we have felt about ourselves on the inside. We have spent many days and nights consumed with self doubt, guilt, sadness, confusion, and worry. We know how it feels to dislike ourselves at times, and not like the person that stares back at us in the mirror. So much time for us has been spent on reflecting on these feelings and getting past these mistakes and how we feel about them.

Through these dark times and thoughts, we have emerged accepting and hopeful, hopeful that we can forge a future for ourselves where we use what we have learned to make a happy and positive tomorrow. We have CHANGED. We have LEARNED. When we see you at the grocery store over holiday break and we exchange awkward hellos, we understand how you might still view us based on the old us. We just want you to know that that is not the same person you said hello too.

We also want you to know that despite the time passed and lessons learned, we are by no means perfect. We will continue to make mistakes, as does everyone. We can only wake up each day and try to conquer the struggles we faced the day before. Everyone should try to live each day without judgement of others, because we have all made mistakes and we are ALL constantly CHANGING. And there is nothing wrong with growth.

-The Person With The Past

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To my boyfriend's parents,

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