Dear Baseball Season,

There are three types of fans that go to baseball games: the fans that are family members of the team, the girls who only go to look at the boys, and the girls who actually love the game. I already know what you're thinking. Yes, as the boys are cute and the phrase "baseball butts" exists, but I am the girl who actually loves the game.

Baseball season is when I find myself the happiest. Baseball relaxes me and stresses me out all at the same time. Whether we are down by 6 or up by 6, I am still the girl cheering and yelling with the same amount of spirit as at the beginning of the game. I wear a baseball ribbon in my hair, monogrammed baseball tees, baseball-colored shoes, and Old Dominion gear with a ton of pride in my school. Though the pride isn't only for Old Dominion's baseball season but also for the Washington Nationals during their season. I'm like a little kid on Christmas when baseball season comes, so I am not just the girl that is just there for the boys.

Yes, I get the stares. The stares from other girls my age that only go to see the boys. Those girls have absolutely no idea what is going on in the game. I get the stares after I holler for someone, even if I barely know them. I do it because the team represents my school. That's all that matters to me. The stares don't bother me. I am continuously hollering for our players when they make awesome catches from a line drive or one of those dive catches that Old Dominion's baseball team has done so wonderfully in here lately.

So before you judge me, know that I actually know why 6+4+3=2 and not 10. I know what a dinger is, when someone "taps the base" after a fly ball out to center field, what a foul ball is, and more. Before you look at me with the stare of "this girl doesn't know what she's talking about" know that I do. I grew up with boys as my older cousins and I absolutely love the sport.

Nine times out of ten, if you ask me what I am doing in the spring and summer time it is either fishing or watching baseball. So here's to all of the girls who actually love the sport and not just there for the boys, I applaud you for it and not getting sassy when you know someone is staring at you. I know how hard it is to hold your tongue because you are doing something that you love when others think that it is just a joke on their end.

PS- Baseball butts make watching baseball just a tad bit better, but I would much rather be watching the game than some silly boy.


The Girl Who Actually Loves the Game of Baseball