I Am From My Dear Louisiana

I Am From My Dear Louisiana

An ode to my beautiful, bruised home.

I am from strong chicory coffee cut with scalding, steamed milk

I am from smooth snoball ice in sticky, August heat

I am from warm Christmas gumbo

I am from fresh red fish caught in waters just miles away

I am from the alligator infested waterways

I am from the rapidly receding wetlands

I am from big oil

I am from polluted bayous

I am from the marsh that cries for oxygen

I am from thick French history

I am from a land of parishes not counties

I am from Napoleonic code

I am from a multitude of corrupt politicians

I am from a one in five incarceration rate

I am from normalized, structural racism

I am from a land with dirty history

I am from stolen Native land

I am from the nest of the brown pelican

I am from centuries old cypress trees

I am from old growth oaks

I am from baths among floating magnolia flowers

I am from the smell of air off the water

I am from the mighty Mississippi

I am from my dear Louisiana

For all of her merits

And in spite of her flaws,

I am from my dear Louisiana.

I am from my dear Louisiana.

Cover Image Credit: 500px

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We Need to Start Talking About Sexual Assault At SCU

Why isn't the administration communicating with its students about such a relevant issue?

As a woman in today’s society, there are, unfortunately, a lot of things to be afraid of, sexual assault being one of them. And although the issue of sexual assault is understood by practically all SCU students, the SCU administration appears to not understand the severity of this issue. Evidence of that is that they never talk about it with their students. Never.

I recently searched the term “sexual assault” in my email, and the only names that pop up are the Head of the Peer Health Educators and the SCU Violence Prevention Program. No members of the administration at this school have sent out an email on this issue during the past 18 months.

Now, I commend our President, Father Engh, on his emails following the presidential election and President Trump’s executive order regarding DACA. But, he has also chosen to communicate with students surrounding school events that, in my opinion, hold less importance than sexual assault (the retirement of a professor, reminder about the Mass of the Holy Spirit).

President Engh has an exclusive platform, one that holds incredible value; many students skim or delete many emails from our university's departments, but when you see an email from the President, you feel compelled to read it.

I think he should use this power to bring attention to issues on campus that have an effect on the well-being of this university’s students. Overall, I would like to see more transparency in terms of the frequency of sexual assault on campus from our school’s administration.

What I would like to see are monthly, or even quarterly reports letting us know about the statistics of sexual assault on campus, and the resources that are available. I do admit, I am still unclear where these statistics would come from (perhaps CAPS, or even the Office of Student Life). Maybe they could come from anonymous campus-wide surveys.

This transparency would be hugely beneficial for those who have been sexually assaulted. They need to know that they are not alone and that there are resources that have been effective for other students. What they don't need to feel is that they are the only one that this has happened to.

This information could also be beneficial in the way that it could shine a light on trends that lead to these assaults. It could spark conversations that would inspire changes in how our school operates to minimize the factors that contribute to the occurence sexual assault.

I also need to acknowledge my own shortcomings in this aspect. I am not in on meetings between our President and administrators; perhaps they talk about this often and there is something prohibiting them for talking openly with students about it.

But, then again, all I ask for is transparency.

Cover Image Credit: Mihai Surdu

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6 Different Personas Women Take On In Their Daily Lives

The "bossy" girl who really just knows what she wants.

Women are complex creatures. We are forced to wear different personas in our everyday lives. We are taught from an early age to mold ourselves to please other girls and boys, which carries into our adult lives. While this is problematic, women are smart creatures and we learned how to make these personas work for us in our every day lives.

1. The shy girl who is really outgoing if you get to know her.

She's demure and quiet in public or in crowds, but it's because she doesn't know when to jump in. She overthinks everything, even talking. If you get this one alone though, watch out. She is funny and upbeat. She actually has a lot to say and you should definitely listen to her.

2. The stupid girl who can actually dance intellectual circles around you.

She pretends to have no idea about cars, politics, or anything substantial, but not because she wants to be fake. No, she knows men will scream and pout, throwing hissy fits until you just agree with them. Women know men can't take being wrong so we just stroke the little ego so the big guy doesn't get his little feelings hurt. Really, we do have opinions that a relevant and fact based, but why speak when men never listen? Trump? Called it. Car problem? Sounds like you need to add oil. She knows these things and thinks them but men won't listen so she lets them google and gloat when they figured it out.

3. The sweet, innocent girl who is really cunning and clever.

She may look sweet and have those big, innocent eyes, but she can manipulate any situation. Women have to act like they are working for something while doing the complete opposite. Women are so smart and clever, but often time get overlooked and underestimated so they've developed ways to ensure they get what they want. Even if at first it looks like the complete opposite.

4. The confident girl who is really insecure.

She pretends to have it all figured out and to have unending amounts of confidence, but really she is panicking about how she looks, how she moves, and what she says. She works so hard to make everyone think she has everything together when really...it feels like everything is falling apart. She questions everything about herself...you just may not see it.

5. The "bossy" girl who really just knows what she wants.

She's that girl who seems to have the perfect life plan laid out and everyone is jealous, but really she just has extreme drive. She works so hard and life isn't "easy" for her. She studies late into the night and take notes furiously because she has goals and dreams. She isn't bossy or controlling, she just knows what she wants and she works hard to get it.

6. The girl who hears the rumors but chooses to ignore them.

This one is probably the hardest persona to uphold. No matter who you are, gossip and rumors hurt. One of the best things to do is ignore it and let it roll off your back like water off a duck's back. No one likes someone lying about them because they assumed something or because they have a grudge. In women's experience though, rumors and gossip usually stem from jealousy. It's just one of those things that you pretend doesn't bother you, even if it does.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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