From Good To Bad Real Quick
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From Good To Bad Real Quick

Everybody’s had those days. The days where everything just seems to go to total and complete shit.

From Good To Bad Real Quick

I’ve had those days. Everybody’s had those days. The days where everything just seems to go to total and complete shit. Nothing goes your way and no matter what you do it just doesn’t seem to get any better. Now imagine that day, three days in a row, with two different things on each of those three days that where an emotional hell reincarnate. OK, now imagine that right after every other day was what could have been leading to the best weekend of your life. You got that? Alright good, now imagine that on sweet little ol’ me. YEAH, I know, it’s fucking horrible and dirty as hell for Jesus to do me like that, it’s just wrong.

My midweek shit show started Thursday; obviously, on one of the worst days at the restaurant where I work. Thursday is one of the busiest days I have because it’s a special night where we a buffet and a custom pasta menu where the members make their pasta however they want. My job is to make sure that the pastas are made exactly how the customer wants it, make sure it is going out on time and that it doesn’t get cold and lastly, make sure that its given to the right table and the right seat. Because of all of the things I have to do I’m obviously going to be a bit stressed. This is the point where you don’t want to talk to nobody, look at nobody, I just want to focus on my job and get it done as well and as quick as possible. After what felt like an eternity of constant orders to me, the restaurant finally slowed down and I got a small breather before the final pasta slip came in and started turning my week from a soon to be blessing, to just a complete disaster.

The last ticket was going to table 14 which is outside on the patio of the restaurant. After doing all the checking I have to do before taking this man’s daughters food to the table I go and bring it over. I set the plate in front of his daughter and she hands me another slip. Her dad signals me and told me that it’s another pasta for her. I say “OK sir” and take the ticket back to then bring to the table. After 30-40 min., he comes back with his son and starts talking to me with attitude for literally no reason. He starts going on about how its been almost an hour since he told me to bring his daughters second pasta. The problem is that isn’t what he told me at all. He continues to try to make me look like a fool in front of all the chefs and my boss as if it was my fault that the food didn’t go. On top of all that, his wife comes up and give me another pasta ticket. I end up bringing both plates to this mans’ table and my boss was there making sure that everything goes smoothly. A place the plates where they go and his sweet little daughter tells me “Thank you”, I day “You’re welcome” and proceed to walk away so that I won’t have to look at this dude. That’s when he went at me again and called me over. He whistles at me and snaps 4 times calling me over like I’m some sort of dog. Just for that on its own I wanted to Falcon punch the living shit out this man. I turn around and see him signaling me to lean over. He says to me “My daughter said ‘Thank you’ and you didn’t say anything back”. Oh I wanted to up slap this dude and break his jaw in front of his wife and kids. Fuck his whole shit up. I glanced at my boss and noticed the expression on his face telling me not to try anything stupid. I went and stood back up, smiled at his daughter, and walked to the back. I was so ready to end this mans career with that quick one-two. The next day I get pulled off to the side and get told that the incident caused me my second strike and that if I get one more I’m fired. What pisses me off even more is that they didn’t tell me that I already had a strike from a while ago because of my phone.

After all that, I find out that my dad found my little bag full of very important credentials that I use almost every day for about 3-5 hours to make the time pass, and threw it away. I had a full mobile set that used for those pieces of nature that I indulged in. Plus, a half used piece of that dirty broccoli that I wanted to finish off. I literally searched through the garbage bag outside to see if I could find my utilities but didn’t. Lastly, for whatever reason my debit card has been cut off. They didn’t even give me a warning or anything about it. Can’t even get gas now and I’m going to end stranded on I4.

This has had to have been one of the worst few days of my life. First world problems suck ass.

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