From The Girl Obsessed With Dogs
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From The Girl Obsessed With Dogs

I will stop to pet them, and you will, too.

From The Girl Obsessed With Dogs

First, let me start by saying that recently, many girls have taken an extreme liking to dogs. It's wonderful! I'm so excited to have as many friends as I do who are equally enthused when a little ball of fluff walks by. That being said, when I say 'obsessed' with dogs, I mean obsessed with dogs. So, to all the people who don't understand what I see in the lil guys, read on.

I know what you're thinking... 'Why do you love dogs so much?' Good question. Dogs are the most precious things to ever grace this earth. They're so smart and they're so in tune with people and it amazes me. Also, have you ever felt a dog's ears? SO SOFT. Moving on...

Let's continue with some apologies:

1. I'm sorry for how many Instagram DM's you receive from me

It's a Tuesday at 2 a.m., I'm scrolling through my Instagram explore page and BAM! a dog! I have to send it to everyone I know... And sometimes they accumulate to become a lot of messages at 2 a.m. It's probably for the best if you just get used to it. I'm not going to stop, despite my aforementioned apology.

2. I'm sorry for that one time I cried in public.

Dogs make me emotional. I mean really, really emotional. It's kind of like when you see those cute pictures of a groom crying when his wife walks down the aisle because he just loves his wife SO much. Yeah, I love that Husky I just met as much as that man probably loves his wife.

*Fun bonus story!

So, I'm sitting in Starbucks with a few friends doing homework after coming from the dining hall. After slaving away at a term paper that was due that week (and by slaving I mean that I looked at the word document on my laptop for an hour or so with no idea in what direction that paper was going) I got a text from my very best friend from high school. She had sent me a picture of her dog with another text that said, "I miss my auntie Cafrin!" As if the dog were saying it. Long story short, I cried. In Starbucks. Because I was a dog aunt.

3. I'm sorry for not being able to hold a valid conversation around a dog.

I'll stop mid-sentence to point out a dog I see two blocks down and I won't even hesitate. If you're not used to it, you might find the distraction annoying. My bad!

4. I'm sorry for all the pictures of my dog.

YES I have an album on my phone exclusively containing pictures of my dog. YES I'm going to show you all of them.

Here's the fun part: I'm not actually that sorry! Let's continue with the benefits of having a dog lover like me in your life.

5. Dog pics!

Just think of the millions of Instagram messages of blessings! You get to see SO many puppies because of me!

6. You get to pet, like, so many dogs!

I will stop the owner to ask if I can pet their dog, and if you happen to be so lucky to be walking with me, you just got the opportunity to pet the puppy. You're welcome.

7. I have a similar personality to a dog!

I get very excited very easily! So when a dog and I meet it's like old friends seeing each other for the first time! (Read the above bonus story for how excited I get.)

8. I point out every dog I see!

Some people may think of it as a distraction, but some of my friends love when I send them low-quality snapchat videos zooming in on a dog walking across campus. And nine times out of ten, the conversation I'm stopping to point out the chow mix that's crossing the street isn't that important.

9. Meeting my dog is a HUGE deal, so when you finally get to... you're in.

I can't just let people who aren't serious about my dog meet my dog. He's precious, so when he meets someone new all he wants to do is love them. Once I let you meet him, you've gotta be committed to him...

Dogs are the best thing this world has going for it. Having a friend like me who loves dogs more than anything will ultimately make your life better. Find a girl who's obsessed with dogs.

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