The Reality Of Transitioning From A Catholic School To College

Graduating from high school can is exciting, but also a terrifying slap of reality. It can be scary thinking about the future and going to new places in life. While it may scary for regular high school students, it's more terrifying for students who come from smaller schools like charter or better yet, a Catholic school.

They go from following rules and having a specific standard to follow, to being introduced to a new setting. A setting that is introducing them to new experiences, new people, and new standards that they weren't previously accustomed to. Going from living in a small, protective bubble where you don't even have to worry about picking out an outfit because you have a uniform, to a college campus can be close to experiencing culture shock. While it can be good and relieving not being held to a standard, it can also be a socially impacting thing.

In a Catholic school, there's a certain belief and rule that's implemented on students. Students are taught that they should believe in one way and go through their school year learning how to live in the "right" way. Which can be alright during that time because that's how they get through their school year. But then it's time to go college and those beliefs are challenged when diversity comes in. They learn about others' beliefs and religions and see that what they've been taught isn't the only way people live or find "right."

Smaller than regularly sized schools have a limited amount of students, which means that the students are more familiar with one another. It can be a good thing because making friends isn't such a challenge and can be more comforting. It's good to use to something and not have to change it.

However, in college, it's not always like that. There isn't that small factor anymore. Students see each other one semester and then see other faces the next semester. In Catholic schools, students go to mass and have religious activities. Which make them forms bonds and friendships easier than trying in college.

Where there's a wide range of people and it can be challenging making friends. With all this said, the reality is going to Catholic school and then going to college can be socially impactful. It can make students go from one way to another because of what they're taught to what they experience with change!

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