Friends: Who Is Worth Your Time?

Friends: Who Is Worth Your Time?

One Real Friend is More Important Than a Bunch of Fake Ones

Certain people we meet through our journey in life will touch our hearts and our minds. Every single person we meet in our lifetime who leaves abruptly will have left for a reason. You will not always see it at first but the reason is there in the midst of all the smog of confusion. Some let the smog cloud the true reason and as they do this, the smog becomes thicker and thicker until the reason is only seen through a tiny speck of light in the distance. It is at this point in time when we feel we are most vulnerable, and every negative thought makes us want to give up. When this situation arises, use your time to contact the ones that have not left your side, the ones that you know make you happy. Try to refrain from trying to contact the ones that you think make you happy and the ones that have not been there the whole time. The reason I use the word “try” is because no matter how hard to try to be perfect, we are far from it, we are human, and as humans we have a name for the ones who we know make us happy, friends. These people you should not feel badly if you need to contact them for help, or even just for a laugh and a smile.

Other than our family and peers, perhaps the most influential support system is the support from our FRIENDS. They are the back-bone to our spine, and the note to our music. There are times where I am sure we feel alone, or lost, or depressed. When we look up at the night’s sky sometimes it is important to ask ourselves, “What do I see?” or “what am I feeling?” If you can answer one of those questions in a good paragraph, you aren’t alone. I am positive that somebody out there is looking at the same spot you are at that same time. Write your thoughts down on a piece of paper and save the paper forever. That piece of paper is your friend and will hold on to anything you put on it, even if what is there is just tears. Think about it, if you have the energy to pour your heart out on a piece of paper just think of what else you could do by yourself. You can accomplish anything as long as you try, but if you fail do not get frustrated at yourself or anybody else because in the end everything happens for a reason. In the end it is only you in the coffin, however the people outside the coffin are there for you. The people who have been there with you since you met. The people that have cared for you your whole life and watched you grow as a person and as a friend. The people who will show up to your funeral are the ones you want to hold your hand, cry on their shoulder, and cherish them every day because without them, where would you be? You would be alone inside and outside the coffin no doubt about it.

There are people you need to cut out of your life, people you need to bring back into your life, and people you need to keep in your life, always. The human mind can only take so much stress until it bursts. Half of the time it bursts at the people you need to keep in your life. That’s why you need to cut the ones out of your life that hurt you, and keep the ones that heal the cuts, because a single friend who understands your tears is far more valuable than a bunch of friends who only know your smile.

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23. Hey, mom, have I told you lately that you're the best and I love ya?

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It's Only November, DO NOT Cue The Christmas Music

"Why are people so quick to switch gears from October 31... to November 1st?"


As I write this article it is early November. Crazy how we are already into November. For those of you who have two different personalities from Halloween to November 1, this is for you. Do not cue Christmas music in early November.

November is a really beautiful month if you take the time to appreciate it. Leaves continue to change, the temperature starts to drop, which means more coffee and hot chocolate! The NJEA convention is in early November, if you're an educator, future one, or if you're a current student, you are off these days, and of course, everyone is off for Thanksgiving. A time to celebrate what we are thankful for with our friends and family. Tables full of hot soups to warm our chilly bodies, turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet cranberry sauce, an array of pies and desserts, you name it.

So why are people so quick to switch gears from October 31, a time to dress up, trick or treat and attend Halloween parties, to November 1st, a time that has become all about Black Friday and Christmas? We've lost the meaning of Thanksgiving. In my opinion, stores should not be open on Thanksgiving Day. As mentioned it's a day to spend with family. You can shop for those best deals and stand in line for hours the following day and days leading up to Christmas.

We live in a time where everyone is busy with their own lives and family, and it's difficult to get together with everyone's schedules. So on Thanksgiving, it's the perfect time to surround yourself with family and friends, enjoying a meal together, counting your blessings, showing gratitude and appreciation, and catching up on everyone's lives. Truly a day of Thanksgiving!

So I encourage all of you to prepare for Thanksgiving and focus on family, friends, and gratitude. Next time someone talks about Black Friday or Christmas before Thanksgiving, stand your ground, make your voice and the holiday of Thanksgiving be heard.

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