The One Where She Thanks Her Roommate
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The One Where She Thanks Her Roommate

Thanks for literally everything.

The One Where She Thanks Her Roommate

All aboard the bandwagon! My roommate and I have tagged each other in so many articles this semester, joking that "we might as well had written them ourselves", minus a few points here and there. It seemed kind of silly to me to not write one that is purely, 100% us, especially since I have so much to thank her for than just "for being my rock".

1. Thanks For Not Smothering Me When I Talk In My Sleep

The fact that you found these moments (or sometimes, converesations) funny made you all the more better as a first roommate. I've never had to share my room with anyone, and being able to hear some of the rediculous things I say while I'm sleeping make morning laughs all the better. (P.S. sorry I can never explain the context of what I say).

2. Thanks For Letting My Musical Genius Shine

Your never shushed me when I needed to play my guitar and sing to get over a rough day. Sometimes, you'd even sing along.

3. Thanks For The Crazy Stories

I love hearing about other people's friends and their adventures, especailly when they're such a big asset in someone's life, and even more when they involve you bursting out in laughter half way through. Hearing about what your friends are up to at college and then going off on a tangent about "This one time at camp" or "This one time at practice" reminds me that there is a whole new world with whole new people out there, and that I can't wait to explore it.

4. Thanks For Listening

Regardless of if it was for 5 minutes or 5 hours (literally), when you'd ask me how I was doing or how home was after break, you'd genuinely listen and offer advice, support, or a shoulder to cry on. You also always check in when you know things aren't going the best.

5. Thanks For Respecting Me

I'm a little weird, I have weird habits, and I like quirky things. But you embraced that about me from the moment we met and you only encourage me to be myself even more.

6. Thanks For Letting Me Raid Your Closet

From my first college date to any day it was too cold for a dress yet I wore one anyway, your closet was always open for me to look through. My shoulders are thankful for the countless time I wore your "Grandpa" cardigan.

7. Thanks For Always Lifting Me Up

Common, that step stool you bought at the beginning of the semester was the only thing that helped fuel my fruit snack addiction, since all of my food was on the shelf in the closet.

8. Thank You For Being Honest

Things don't always go the way you want them to, and you were sure to tell me that. But because of that, you saved me a lot of heart break... and a lot of poor fashion faux pas.

9. Thank You For Taking Care Of Me

If I complained about a stomach ache, the first thing you'd do is offer me a peppermint TUMS and some peppermint tea, which always soothed my issue. If I needed a tissue, you'd whip the Kleenex box at me in the blink of an eye. And when I really, really needed one, you were always there to give me a hug.

10. Thanks For Supporting My Amature Art Career

Who else would put up with my Meme impressions on our whiteboard?

11. Thx Fr Th Mmrs

In other words, thanks for the great exposure to all kinds of great music. You'd play Christmas music during the holidays and folk any other time. Also, thanks for helping me with my playlist articles. Whenever Jack Johnson plays, I think of the first time you ever listened to 'Banana Pancakes' in the room.

12. Thanks For Being Funny

"WHO MOVES FURNIATURE AT 2AM. OH WAIT, IT'S JUST FIFA 2K16." Some of our earliest memories pertain to our lovely upstairs neighbors who have tendancies to turn into elephants just as we get into bed.

13. Thanks For Not Judging Me

I don't know anyone else who sleeps on top of their comforter and only uses a throw blanket out of sheer laziness towards making their bed in the morning, and I'm sure you don't either.

14. Thanks For Laughing With Me

If we were short-range shooters, we'd be state champs considering the amount of Goldfish we pelt at each other. Who else would make fun of me on Twitter and tag me in memes?

15. Thanks For Not Getting Mad When You Find Random Goldfish Crackers In Your Bed

*please see above*

16. Thanks For Putting Up With My Dancing

I was really happy to know that movement helps you study, because dancing is something I love, and you never stopped me from doing it (even when it was REALLY bad).

17. Thanks For Reading My Odyssey Articles

I know you don't read all of them; I know they're not always relevant to you. But regardless, it takes a special kind of person to fall for clickbait when they know they're falling for clickbait.

18. Thanks For Sharing A Space With Me

My brother warned me that I was going to be a bad roommate for how messy I am. However, you've never once complained about my side of the room being messy when it was obviously disgusting.

19. Thanks For Your Wisdom

I never thought I'd say this, but I now know just how great a nap can be and what good it can do for the soul.

20. Thanks For Putting Up With My Friends

Yes, I know they're loud and weird. But I love them, and thankfully, you learned how to appreciate them, too (even when they'd stay in our room until the crack of dawn).

21. Thanks For Supporting My Netflix Addiction

I wouldn't have wanted to borrow anyone else's Netflix account information for the 3 months when my subscription was cancelled. You've also fueled my love of "The Office" and "Bob's Burgers".

22. Thanks For Chillin' With Me

I wouldn't want to take impromptu trips to Target and have movie nights to procrastinate with anyone else.

23. Thanks For Capturing My Best Moments

I love waking up to Snapchats of me KO'd with the caption "Sleepy lil nug".

24. Thanks For Talking To Me In The Mornings

I know you're the farthest thing from a morning person, so kudos to you for putting up with my motor mouth at 8 AM.

25. Thanks For Sharing Your Fridge With Me

For 5 out of 9 months, we've shared a small, 2 foot by 3.5 foot fridge and packed it full of leftovers, milk, and 24 water bottles.

26. Thanks For Helping Me Out

For all the times I've dropped stuff on the floor while comfy in my bed, gotten my midnight laundry when I fell asleep, or offered your stool when my bed seemingly got taller after Winter break.

27. Thanks For Making Us Roommate Goals

We've picked up each other's mannerisms and even sound like each other sometimes. Seriously people: name a more iconic duo. We'll wait. 28. Thanks For Your Feedback

On everything from what I wear to what I'm writing for class, thanks for giving me an outside perspective on things. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to appreciate the way you pronouce 'elementary', 'pecan', and 'documentary'.

29. Thanks For Trusting Me

If the walls of 252 could talk, they'd have so many secrets to share, so many stories to tell, and so many memories to smile over. I don't know a better way to compliment someone than by simply trusting them. So thanks for the compliment.

30. Thanks For Being Yourself

I love the hippy, chill, and loveable person that you are. You're a total nerd, have great taste in music, and are funny as hell. You have a beautiful personality. Never change that; Congrats on getting through and keep doing the best of things, because I know that's what you're best at.

Being your roommate has been so awesome and I can't wait to see where the next three years and beyond take us. But no matter what, remember I appreciate you, and that you're going to do great things!

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