Ah, it's that dreaded time of year. Or, at least for me, it is. Back to school!

We're in for a whole world of homework, tests, projects, and presentations coming our way, and nothing can prepare us for that. Well, maybe America's favorite group of friends can.

1. When the professor goes from syllabus to lecture on the first day

There is absolutely nothing worse than a professor who lectures on the first day of class. I am not mentally prepared for that, sir. Don't be that professor. Ever.

2. When you find out textbooks are going to cost you hundreds of dollars

Textbooks, online homework platforms, all of it should be FREE. Really, 100+ dollars for an access code? Don't we pay enough in tuition? I'm a broke college student, the last thing I want to spend my money on is textbooks. Boy, bye.

3. When you remember you signed up for an 8:00 AM class

When you make your fall schedule in the spring, you're not thinking about the repercussions of signing up for that 8:00 AM class, are you? You find the class you need and don't even worry about what time it's at, because at least it's available. Then the first day of classes rolls around and you want to go back to your spring self and slap her for being so dumb. No amount of coffee will save you, honey.

4. When you find out your professors are insane

RateMyProfessor is your absolute best friend.

5. When you actually know someone in your classes

Walking in and seeing someone you know is your biggest blessing. You'll without a doubt always have someone to rant to, work on homework with, and do partner work with if you need to. Truly amazing.

6. Realizing college isn't so bad and being thankful you're out of high school

School isn't fun, period. But college really is significantly better than high school in every way. You have the freedom to pick your classes, take stuff you're actually interested in, and do whatever you want. Not to mention, December will be here before you know it.