To The Friends Who Finally Decided To Be Real

To The Friends Who Finally Decided To Be Real

This is for you.


Don't ever feel the need to be friends with someone to make yourself look better. In the process, you're hurting all of your other friends, the ones that have always been there for you.

Thank you for teaching me how to be independent, how to be by myself. Unlike other seventeen-year-olds, I know that it's okay to do stuff on my own. You've taught me how to do things like going to the store, the bathroom, or even eating lunch on my own. I've realized you don't always have to have company to get things done.

Thank you for showing me your true colors. It truly warms my heart that you finally had the courage to be real with me. After eight years you finally decided it was time to cut me off for real this time. I'm not mad about it, either. I'm glad you found friends that you blend in more with, anyway.

To those who left me, thank you. You taught me that there's always a bright side to things, even when it feels like there isn't. Do I think you went about the situation wrong? Yes, a thousand times yes. One day I had this great group of friends, and then the next they were in another group doing what they (supposedly) left me for. It's alright, though, I'm happier now anyway.

I used to think I was the problem. Looking back, that wasn't just it. I've come to realize for a relationship to work out, you have to trust one another. None of us trusted one another, and you guys still don't. If you did, you wouldn't believe when someone accuses you of doing something hurtful, when they didn't give you a legit description of what happened in the first place. That just shows what kind of person you are, in my opinion.

I will say one thing, though. Stop making people choose sides. It's childish and unnecessary, especially since we are about to be adults. There's no point in people choosing sides when we've already decided to part. It causes useless drama that I, myself, don't want to be a part of. You can continue to gossip or whatever it is that you enjoy doing, just leave my name out of it.

Do I regret our friendships? That's a solid no. While we've all grown up to have different ideas of friendship, we all have great memories together. I won't ever forget them, and neither should you. Hopefully one day you learn the true meaning of friendship and will value whoever comes into your life next.

Thank you for leaving at the worst time possible, I really can't thank you enough.

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I Know She's My Forever Friend

A forever friend is one of the most important people in your world.

The bond that my forever friend and I have is something that I do not have with any other person in the world. This is a list of ways you know that you have a forever friend:

You never get tired of being around her

She is probably the only person in your life that hasn't begun to bother you for some reason or another, at some point in time. You could spend hours, or days, with her. Even the smallest things you do together are fun because you are with her.

No subject is off-limits

You tell each other everything, and I mean, everything.

Thinking about seeing each other over break

And of course, when you do see her

Your family is her family, and her family is yours

It's not weird for you to be at her house all the time, show up at strange hours, or just decide to spend the night even though you live three houses away. And of course, her family welcomes you in like you are another one of their daughters.

You two have a bizarre sense of humor that only you understand

Whether it is the nights you spend watching random YouTube videos at 2 a.m. that make you both laugh so hard you cry or the commercials on TV that are only funny to the both of you, only you guys understand the humor in certain situations. You have probably experienced some of the most embarrassing moments together, and if not together, then you got a vivid story of the event.

You have no filter when she is being overdramatic

You pick up where you left off

If you and your forever friend are anything like me and mine, we do not talk every single day. You may only speak once a week, but it will give you the opportunity to catch up and talk like you have talked every single day. There may be quick conversations to see how the other is doing because you know you are saving all of the important stories for when you see each other again. At this point, conversations don't even start with "Hi" anymore, you just jump right to the point and tell her what you need to.

You really don't have a choice when she needs to go to the mall

She would do anything to make you smile

Even when you are feeling down, your forever friend knows just the right thing to do to make you happy again. Whatever the case is, she will be there for you always. She will say, and do, just about anything that will make everything better.

And sometimes she just needs a reminder…

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Turning 'I'm Sorry' Into 'Thank You'

A process of self-awareness I think everyone should consider.


My entire life I've been apologetic.

I use apologies far too often in my daily life. Whether it be to someone holding the door for me even though I'm still ten feet from the door or my interrupting the custodian cleaning my hall's bathroom. From stepping on my friend's toes to bumping into someone in line at Starbucks.

I think as children, we are taught that apologizing for our actions wipes away the consequences from those actions. In past relationships, I have relied on apologies to make myself feel better about how I've made others feel instead of actually using them to improve my actions.

For me, it has just become something ingrained in my personality. I've noticed that it has become a reflex rather than a conscious response. What I've realized recently is that this is something I can change.

Apologies are helpful when mending hurtful or accidental situations, especially when you find yourself in the wrong, but not everything deserves an, "I'm sorry," and using that phrase for every accidental encounter or mistake, in my eyes, lessens its impact.

If we all use, "I'm sorry," for every minor inconvenience we cause, the words become less meaningful.

I have read about this online a lot lately, and it is suggested that instead of apologizing, we should give thanks.

If I'm late for a date with my friends, the old me would've said, "I'm SO sorry, guys!" But the new me will say, "Thank you for waiting for me."

Instead of apologizing to our (wonderful) custodians, I'll say, "Thank you so much for the work you do here every day."

If someone is kind enough to hold the door for me, even though I'm nowhere near it, I won't apologize for inconveniencing them. Instead, I will take the time to appreciate the fact that they were kind enough to do so, despite my distance from the door.

I think that this is a process everyone can benefit from, so long as they are willing to be conscious of their thoughts and the words they speak. By replacing, "I'm sorry," with an expression of gratitude, we can develop a more positive mindset and reserve apologies for situations that deserve them.

We can also use those rare apologies to remind us to improve our actions; if we hurt someone, we don't get to decide that we didn't or invalidate their feelings. We can then meaningfully apologize and allow it to inherently change our behavior.

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