To Friends Both Old And New

Hey guys!

I know I write a lot about everyone from my old school (usually in the form of a shout out or reference in other articles), but I don't really talk much about the friends I've made since coming to CSE. And since I'm feeling sentimental today, I figured I'd address all of you at once.

To my SCCC friends: I miss you and appreciate that you put up with me when I come to visit on my breaks. You guys absolutely made my initial college experience amazing. I love being able to just show up on your campus and hang out like I never even left. And yes, this applies to the SCCC friends I've made after graduating too; I mean, you all willingly accepted that I was going to keep popping up every now and then like an estranged cousin and just went with it. However, I also owe you guys a bit of an apology - I'm not the best at staying in touch when I'm back at CSE; I know it's not the hardest thing in the world to send a text or Snapchat, but sometimes I just get busy and distracted and the next thing I know it's been two months or something. But despite that, you still agree to be my friends.

To my CSE friends: I mean, I guess I just owe you a big thanks for putting up with me in general. It's because of you that I stopped hiding in my room every weekend; I'm actually social now! Come to think of it, you guys didn't really question it when I started to hang out with you either. To be totally honest, I don't even remember how we started hanging out. All I remember is playing cards and watching TV in Upper Founders. Either way, I appreciate how quickly you guys accepted me as part of the group.

To everyone: thanks for being my favorite thing about school. You all let me complain about my problems and share all my "Oops" moments (with only occasional judgement), and offer possible solutions. Or, you know, you just laugh at how badly I messed up - which is fine because I'll be laughing too. No matter what the day has thrown at me, you all never fail to make me smile and feel better.

Okay, enough sappy talk; you guys get the idea. I'll see you soon, SCCC friends. I'll see you even sooner, CSE friends.


A very thankful Amanda

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