Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin, for creating so many unforgettable memories, and for being my best friend all these years. We've seen each other grow into the adults we are. It only seems like yesterday we were jumping on your trampoline all summer long in your backyard when we were little preteens.

I was 11 and you were 12 when we met. I first moved into my new house a couple behind yours. My mom ended up making us hang out and we clicked immediately. We've been through so much, from sitting in your living room playing Wii Resort all day, to making Campbell's Chunky chicken noodle soup every time we hung out, that soon turned into to shopping sprees, sleepovers, and arguments about our boyfriends. We've been through it all.

We've also overcome some pretty life-changing things as individuals but helped each other through them. We've entered high school together, been through breakups, then graduating high school, entering college and so much more. Although you went to middle and high school (for 2 years) in a different city, we always managed to see each other when you'd come back up to your dad's house. Although we're used to distance, and I'm now an hour and a half away from you, just know that I'm still always just a text or call away.

It's crazy because we can go for weeks without talking to each other, to texting each other something small and acting like nothing has changed. I truly appreciate and love you with all that I have. You have grown me into who I am today and I am so thankful for that.

So, with all of that being said, thank you again. I've always been able to count on you for anything, I've always been able to tell you anything without judging me, thank you for showing me some things that some people never have. You'll always be my all-time best friend and no matter what, I can always count on you for anything. Thank you for showing me what true friendship really is. I love you, girl. See you soon.