Go Best Friend, That's My Best Friend
"She's always there for me when I need her;
She's my best friend; she's just my everything."
-- Ashley Olsen

Throughout our lives, we meet so many people, it's almost impossible to determine who will be your life long friends. But I will say, that once you've found them, the doubt will never cross your mind again.

1. Laughter

Thanks for all the odd, lame, inside jokes that we find hysterical. But if anyone else were listening, they'd think we were absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention your ability to brighten and lift my mood, no matter how sad I previously was. I can always be my real, true self around you. You're my rock.

2. Selflessness

Thanks for being DD (only sometimes) and for coming over to hang when I'm sad. Thanks for being there for me no matter what time of day it is. For always answering my texts even when it should be considered harassment. Thanks for always making sure I'm okay.

3. No Judgment Zone

Thank you, thank you and thank you for always supporting my decisions. It's so refreshing to know I can tell you anything at all and your response is always something positive. I know I don't always make the wisest decisions, but you still love me unconditionally, and that's all that matters.

4. The Good And The Bad

Despite any situation, you've shown that our friendship comes first. I love how we can bicker and argue and within ten minutes we've gotten over it and are laughing together again. It just goes to show how strong our bond and friendship is.

5. No Secrets

No secrets. I can tell you everything and anything. I love how comfortable you make me feel. Whenever I need to get something off my chest, I know exactly who to go to.

6. Thanks For Believing In Me

When work gets hectic, or school work starts piling up, you're always right there to remind me that I've got this. You reassure me that everything will return to normalcy soon enough and that I was born to kick-ass. Thanks for believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself.

7. The Dance Parties And Sing Along's

Thanks for all the karaoke sessions and dance parties when we go out. There's no one else I'd rather sing along with to hood-rat music, or to be dancing next to, in the middle of a bar.

8. Thanks For Doing Cute Things With Me

Whether I'm dragging you around to cute coffee shops, apple picking or making you take artsy pics of me by the water, you're always down for anything. I've never met someone who's as down for a good time as I am.

9. We're In This Together

Thanks for all the car-pools when I'm low on gas, late night drives when we're sad and breakfast dates to comfort the soul. Your happiness is my happiness. Your sadness is my sadness.

and lastly ...

10. Thanks For Being You

Thanks for being your weird, psychotic self. There's no one else I'd rather call my best friend. I love you.

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