15 Questions UVM Freshmen Ask On 4/20
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Student Life

15 Questions UVM Freshmen Ask On 4/20

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

15 Questions UVM Freshmen Ask On 4/20

When you attend college (and especially UVM), there becomes a whole new meaning to April 20th. You're aware that recreational marijuana use is quite common for college students, but you weren't aware that there was a nationally holiday dedicated to this plant. This is how an innocent freshmen got exposed to the devil's lettuce on Hitler's birthday.

1. Does anyone actually go to class?

I wonder if I am gonna get a pop quiz today? Today would be a mean day to have one...

2. Are people waking and baking?

Now the halls usually reek- but not like this. It's 7 AM and I feel like I am getting a second high from the smoke that is creeping out of the doorways.

3. I wonder if he is high?

I can't believe I even doubted that... of course he is.

4. Am I getting a secondhand high walking to class from Redstone?

Of course I'm not, that's stupid to think. But it is a long, smoke filled walk.

5. Does the reggae music ever stop today?

Let me say this- I hate reggae music. It is like the worst thing in the world to listen to. But today, it just make sense. Hell even Snapchat knows what today is.

6. Will anyone get arrested?

I wonder if anyone can get arrested or if the cops are just around as intimidation. Oops, I guess you can.

7. Do I have enough time to meet up with my friends?

I found them! What's the fun of this holiday if you can't celebrate it with your friends

8. I wonder if I am the only one skipping the last class of the day at 4:20?

But by the amount of students here, I'm going to guess that I'm not.

9. What will the bars be like tonight?

Probably full of zombie-like college students. The one golden places that all the upperclassmen seem to be every night regardless of what they have going on.

10. Do I have enough food to satisfy my hunger?

Shit, that wasn't enough. I underestimated my munchies.

11. Will anyone see me on the news tonight?

With the amount of news crew people around, I really don't want my face to be on the evening news. I know future employers would not be thrilled with that...

12. How much weed is actually smoked today?

In all honesty, I know that my roommates specially saved up for this day- which is saying something.

13. Who invented this joyous holiday?

This holiday doesn't make a lot of sense to me as a student as it seems like an excuse to smoke but in reality it is a coming together of a greater community. It's a day set in stone to love each other and set aside our differences and be happy with the life we were given. It's the perfect way to celebrate life as well as a way of getting high. The day is perfect.

14. Does every school celebrate this way?

No way. I mean, after all, we are a school known for smoking. Coming together on the green is becoming one of the wackiest ways to show school pride.

15. How many students actually enjoy Sodexo today?

Wow, This is the one day of the the year where the dinning services must rake it in.

I love UVM. Before the day started I was timid, timid that I wouldn't be taking part in the festivities and be a big old party pooper. But it somehow all worked out. I made new friends and met up with old ones. It was the one day where love and happiness filled in the air. No one had a worry in the world, and how could you? This day is the greatest day in history. I wish everyone could experience it.

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