College is a big, exciting part of your life! So, for all the "Harry Potter" fans out there about to or already in college, here is your freshman year as told through "Harry Potter" GIFs.

1. Meeting your roommate

Just smile and wave and give it time. Don't expect to have the friendship of the century in an instant, but don't throw in the towel in the first week.

2. Those 8 a.m. classes

Don't do it! Sometime during the summer between your senior year of high school and the start of college, you will lose your ability to get up at 6:30 a.m.and be prepared for an 8 a.m. class. Avoid the pain. Avoid these at all costs.

3. THAT kid

You know the one. The one that debates with the professor, and tries to tell the professor they're wrong and brings up random bits of information just so everyone can see how smart they are. Sadly, this person has not matured since high school and will be in your classes.

4. Your first college party

Just remember you have that 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

5. The first time you skip class

There's a little twinge of guilt, but mostly you're relieved you got to sleep in.

6. When you realize just how many classes you've skipped

And realize you have to go to every single class until finals week.

7. Going home and getting a home cooked meal for the first time in weeks

Trust me, college food does not always taste as good as it does on visit days.

8. When you go to the tutors

Just go. It'll do you good and in the end you'll thank yourself for it.

9. When your friend rescues you for the long weekend

Because it's too short a weekend to go home, but too long to stay in the dorms.

10. When you meet someone who might become your significant other

OK, not a true Harry Potter scene but the opportunity was too good to pass up. They may not seem your knight in shining armor but you never know!

11. When you try to sound smart to impress someone

Stick with what you know. And when in doubt, redirect with a question of your own.

12. When you or your roomie has a 'special friend' over and one of you walks in

A sock on the door is a little obtrusive, but communication is key. It takes two seconds to send a text and it could save you both a month's worth of awkwardness.

13. When you start to get homesick

It's OK to miss home and trust me your family misses you too. Just hang in there and remember Sirius's words of wisdom (BRB, crying).

14. When the weekend comes around and all you do is lay in bed and watch Netflix

There's absolutely no shame in not leaving your bed for a full day. College is hard and you need breaks.

15. When you realize how close finals week is

You thought you were prepared, but now that the moment is upon you, you're not quite so sure.

16. When the stress starts taking its toll

Just take a deep breath and don't be afraid to go to student counseling. It's there for a reason.

17. Praying you get this professor...

18. But knowing you actually have this one

19. When you reach the point you no longer care you're just trying to survive finals week

Yes, I'll have a venti black coffee-- black like my soul and desire to finish this week.

20. When your grades aren't posted and it's been a week

There's nothing you can do except stress and wait and stress some more.

21. Seeing your friends after winter break

Because even though your dorm was killing you and the dining food may be poisoned, you missed your friends.

22. Spring break

You're a freshman in college, odds are you'll go home to work or stay at work.

23. When summer rolls around and you're itching to go back to school

Because even though you love your family, you miss college.