"Dear Freshman, good luck on your final exams..."
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"Dear Freshman, good luck on your final exams..."

How to be prepared without being too stressed.

"Dear Freshman, good luck on your final exams..."

Dear Freshman in college,

I encourage you to think back to what High School was like and recall how you could get away with not doing much homework and still getting a 70 or 80 on a test, and still manage to get a decent grade. Now that you are in college, that is going to change: a lot.

I hope you have already begun to realize that you should be completing your homework. Homework assignments are small, but easy ways for your professors to grade you. Doing essays and research papers/projects are also big ways, so be mindful of that. But there is something bigger and more frightening than any minuscule homework assignment or essay/research paper. It is going to be what makes or breaks your final grade. And trust me, that final grade is very important. It is the grade you will see irremovable from your college transcript.

So now that I have your tension building, what is it that will persuade you to be so worried about your final grade? Your final exams.

Final exams may not seen as terrifying as you would think. Perhaps you have had to take them in High School. But they are much more difficult. Even if you have taken AP exams, these college final exams are more difficult than you will expect.

Be prepared to be stressed. It is okay to feel as though it is overwhelming, I know it for sure. I myself feel like I have too much to do in too little time, however, the key is to pace yourself. As long as you get things done that need to be completed by the due date in the meantime, you will feel less overwhelmed as they approach. That being said, it is never too early to begin studying for final exams. If it is a research paper/project, just be sure to have it completed two or three days before it is due: especially if you need to present it. That will give you time to get it revised/edited one more time or even give you time to practice presenting it. Both can gain you a few extra points!

Something that you should definitely NOT do is wait to the night before (or two nights) to begin studying for each exam. Give yourself at least five days and study for at least 15-20 minutes each day. Get a full eight hours of sleep each night, and you will remember so much more. The way you study depends on the subject and/or what works best for you. I prefer to recopy all of my notes and reread highlighted notes from my textbooks, but perhaps flashcards work better for you!

Finally, eat breakfast in the morning and lunch midday (if you can that day). Definitely eat dinner the night before. It may seem like common sense, but even I need to listen to that rule more than I do. But trust me, it does actually help.

It may seem overwhelming that the end of your first semester in college is coming to a close. For everyone who has gone through this same initiation process, we understand that it is stressful. But do not let it consume you and take care of yourself too!


a Sophomore who is also stressed about exams.

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