After 5 months of being away from home, you finally have two weeks to eat everything that you've been missing since you left; it is Winter break and you could not be happier. You throw any 'healthy or conscious' eating out the window. You're aware that you've gained a couple pounds, but who cares? It's the holidays! You stuff your face with just about anything and, before you know it, it's time to go back to school. So then, 5 more months pass, you gain a couple more pounds and that summer body you promised yourself you would get before school ends are long gone. You get home and let's just say it is not just your friends and family that want to welcome you; it's also the nutritionist that is going to help you with your new dieting plan.

As the diet starts, so does exercising, or, how I like to call it, torture! You try those so-called fun classes, everyone, raves about, but they never tell you the ugly truth about them. Like XCo, for example. For those who don't know what XCo is, just imagine you are taking a Zumba class whilst holding a pair of maraca/weights hybrid. Sure, dancing to the music can be great, but the next week you can barely lift your arms, driving is pretty much impossible, and God forbid you laugh because your entire body will pretty much ache you to death.

So, then, to make things worse, because you don't hate yourself enough yet, you decide to take Cycling classes. I think that's self-explanatory, but for fun, let's just explain the side-effects! You're constantly asking people to carry you because you don't want to use your legs, you curse the instructor's name every time you sit/ stand, and that includes using the bathroom, you might as well consider stairs obsolete, and you contemplate staying in bed rather than trying to get up. But, let's keep in mind, that this is all during dieting. Not only are you making your entire body hate you, but you are eating foods that you would never eat, you're portioning what you eat, which just leaves you hungry, and are essentially making yourself miserable all for the sake of losing weight.

After a few weeks, you're starting to look like the old you, you're not starving, clothes start to fit again, and it's like everything is back to normal. Isn't dieting great?