Freedom Of Speech Is Cool But...

Basically, the world is falling apart in every which way because of one huge orange idiot; in which 47% of white women voted for an orange, 0% of black woman and 18% non-college graduates. I did not choose these statistics for any specific reason, they are just a few statistics that I remember from one of the scariest elections in American history.

Okay, so we all know the first amendment is the right to ~free speech~…but when does "free speech" become "destructive speech", and harm people rather than better then because it's "not against the law". I read articles from Odyssey time after time and makes me question the real reason I am writing for this platform, but then I remember my voice needs to become louder, my voice needs to become more important, and my articles more views.

I cannot bear to comply with young people reading articles based on how the "Bible did not teach men and women to be equal" and emphasizing the fact that women are less than men. I cannot bear to listen to someone preach about their support for the orange in office, and the man behind him.

The ways in which some FUTURE TEACHERS and EDUCATORS support Betsy DeVos' idea is removing funding to the Special Olympics, to create more charter schools (which are actually a systematic approach to separating whites from ~others~). I know the first amendment, I know we all have rights…but when should a writing an article platform say enough is enough? We are living in a controlled system, reconstructed for white people, BY WHITE PEOPLE.

I am done standing by and watching articles blow up on ideas of misogyny, racism and supporting Donald Trump. I want to support everyone, and I want to love everyone…but at some point, I cannot have my friends of color be afraid to read the Odyssey due to its lack of compassion for those who cannot defend themselves in these situations.

I know Odyssey's mission is to give young writers a large platform, and I 100% support that; but the writers vernacular when approaching their ~articles of the week~, is something I can't be behind. I want to help change the world, not base it off of an amendment that is not fully for the people, but against in some ways. It is not a systematic approach to equality, it is a systematic approach to separation.

Please remember your words have power, no matter who you are or what you stand for. Write for the better of our world, not to destroy it any more than it already is.

Be kind, be thoughtful and be smart.

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