5 Things That Do Not Cost A Thing And Are Good For The Soul
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5 Things That Do Not Cost A Thing And Are Good For The Soul

Money does not buy happiness, so do not let it be the center of your feelings.

5 Things That Do Not Cost A Thing And Are Good For The Soul
Page Dabbs

When I am stressed or just down right upset, I tend to lay in bed contemplating on what made me feel that way to begin with. It is literally me just lying there feeling sorry for myself, I mean how ridiculous and pathetic. With me being a typical, broke, college student I feel that there is nothing more I could do to make myself feel better. I might as well just lay there and drown in my own sorrows, right? Wrong.

When I am starting to feel overwhelmed with school or just life in general, I have learned that there are 5 things that are certain to cheer me up without the worry of money. These 5 things are quite obvious, but sometimes you can be so caught up in your own sorrows that you forget about them, so here is a reminder:

1. Devotion Time

My devotion time is the first thing I always turn to no matter how I am feeling. Whether I am happy or sad, I always trust in Him and thank Him. In verse 1 Peter 5:7 He says, "Give all your worries to Him, because He cares for you." After my one on one time with God, I can feel all of my worries just lift off my chest. It is such an amazing feeling to know that no matter what you are going through that He has a plan for your life. He reminds me that all these worries will soon be in the past and that I will overcome them. With Him on your side, you will never feel alone!

2. Spending Time With Family and Friends

If you are anything like me, then you know what it is like to feel like you are bothering someone. I hate bothering others with my problems because people have their own things to deal with. With that said, I have come to realize that family and friends are supposed to be there for you through whatever. They care about you, and time spent with them is oh so needed, not just for yourself, but for them as well. At the end of the day, you will be each others stress relievers, as weird as that may sound. Never hesitate to turn to them when you need to let loose and vent because truth is, they are in need of the same thing.

3. The Outdoors

Everyone needs a breathe of fresh air. When you have been cooped up in an office, classroom, or your own room for a whole day, it can be so draining on you. Not only will your body will be begging you for some time of relaxation, but your mind will be extremely thankful. Allowing yourself to put the stress and worries aside by taking some time to go on a little walk around your neighborhood or drinking a glass of tea on your porch will make you feel so much better. Maybe you even enjoy yard work? Then, take some time to clean up your yard and landscape it how you want. By doing these things, it will, also, teach you that having some time to yourself and doing stuff on your own is not so bad. I know I enjoy time to myself without the help of others, and there is nothing wrong with that!

4. Plan Ahead 

What better way to save yourself from last minute stress? Planning ahead is one of those things that we rarely ever do. Some are more on top of things than others, but if you are anything like me, then, you know how easy it is to procrastinate. Studying for tests the night before or doing projects at the last minute is something I have become a professional at. While I seem to always get the job done, I have felt the strain it puts on my body. When I am hustling trying to get everything done in a few short hours, I become overwhelmed and may shed a few tears throughout the process. What can I say, I did it to myself. However, our mind and body is not very happy with us the next day. With that said, I have learned to put aside time to start on things ahead of time. I do so when I have free time. I may still wait till the day before to finish up, but at least I have started. By doing this, it allows the process to go much smoother and saves you from stress bumps and sleepless nights.

5. Declutter 

Do you ever get in those cleaning moods when you just want to organize and clean everything?? Same. Decluttering is something that is rewarding. You have a goal set on how you want something to look and you keep working hard to reach it. Kind of like working out except for your homes benefit. Of course for your benefit too because you will be happy with the outcome, but you know what I mean. You will have a new outlook on organization and will start to put aside time to do just that, making for a happy you!

Remember that when life starts to get overwhelming, turn to these five things. Your soul will thank you!

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