I Asked A Frat Preisdent What's Great About The Fraternity Life, And He Gave 11 Me Reasons

I Asked A Frat Preisdent What's Great About The Fraternity Life, And He Gave 11 Me Reasons

If you're involved with a Greek organization, you can relate to this.


I met with Jimmy Frey, President of the WVU's Mu Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi for an inside look at Greek/fraternity life. Here are the 11 reasons he loves Greek life!

1. You become a better man

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy told me that being in the fraternity makes you grow up and motivates you to become a better version of yourself! In his words, "If someone tells you that you can't, you can!"

2. Networking

Jimmy Frey

This is important for anyone who will need a job one day: Networking! Jimmy explained that there are thousands of alumni and brothers, so if you are in need of a job, post on the Facebook page (for the fraternity) and a brother will help you out!

3. Better grades

Jimmy Frey

When joining Greek life, the most common concern is how this experience will impact their grades. Jimmy told me that since he joined his fraternity, Sigma Chi, his grades have been better than before! He explained how he and his brothers will go to the library together, take the same classes, and motivate each other do well! In doing so, his fraternity had higher grades than the male average—Jimmy even had the best grades of his academic career!

4. Brotherhood

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy explained to me that his brothers always motivate each other. Besides going to the library, they go to the gym, church, and just hang out with each other. This creates a healthy and positive lifestyle.

5. Giving back to the community

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy told me that his fraternity's philanthropy is "Derby Days". It is to raise money for children battling cancer. His fraternity also raised money for Colton Hodges—a local Phi Sigma member who tragically passed away—and "Stop The Hunger". All of his brothers went to a local church and bagged over 10,000 meals for this cause! Jimmy was most proud of this, as he should be!

6. Not the stereotype

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy was keen on the fact that he and his brothers are not the stereotypical fraternity men you see on T.V. and in movies. He explained that they're very respectful of women, peers, authorities, alumni, and anyone they interact with! Besides that, they're generally just friendly and outgoing!

7. Alumni are important

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy said that his chapter's alumni are very active in the brothers' lives. The Morgantown alumni chapter meets once a month and comes up with ways to better the house, ways to donate, and makes connections with the brothers!

8. Living in the house

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy said it best: "If you don't live in the house, you are missing out on the full experience! We all go to class together, eat lunch and dinner together, and yell down the hallway if we want to hang out with each other!"

9. Bigs and littles

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy told me about his big, and that every big should take a little! His big always had his back, helped him with school, and looked out for him! Because he enjoyed having that experience, he took a little and explained how it made him feel like a better person by doing the same!

10. Sorority relations

Jimmy Frey

Jimmy said that participating in different philanthropy events, fundraisers, and socials helps him to meet others! He explained how everyone in Greek life already has one thing in common, which is Greek life itself—it helps start a conversation!

11. Advice to anyone thinking about rushing

Jimmy Frey

"Don't be nervous. Go see the campus, see the world, talk to everyone! Make connections! The more you put in, the more you get out!"

After speaking to Jimmy (and being a sorority woman myself), he represents Greek life and fraternity life in the best way possible! I hope that anyone reading this feels motivated to go Greek or has a new understanding of Greek life!

As Jimmy says, "God bless!" and "Happy Freyday!"

Cover Image Credit:

Jimmy Frey

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You decided to major in psychology? Congratulations! Welcome to the family! Here are five things you need to know before you go any further.


Psychology is a very interesting subject to explore and an even more interesting subject to major in. You feel as if you will one day conquer the world and help find cures to the many, many mental health issues that plague the world we live in. However, before you go about doing that, here are five things every psych major should know.

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2. Stop self diagnosing yourself.

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3. You will also be told "Psychology is easy."

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5. What you're doing is important.

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Being a psychology major has many great aspects to it. You are learning how the human brain works and how people fall victim to their mental illnesses. You learn many different ways they are treated in hopes that one day, you will be on the "front line" treating hundreds of people and helping them get their lives back. While this period of being in school can be rather boring and feels like it's being dragged on, I believe like other psych majors that I will be doing good in the future and that's what helps me deal with some of the things I have mentioned above. I hope remembering that helps you as well.

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