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4 Upcoming Protests That Need Your Support In 2017

Resistance is key now.

Mari Mata

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As we began the Trump Presidency, women from around the world rallied together to send a clear message of resistance, but we can't stop now -- 500,000 people attended the march in D.C. but our work is nowhere near done.

Now, a full week into a Presidency that is marked with bigotry and lies, we must continue to resist. We must not stop sharing our messages of hope, equality, and acceptance. Here are four upcoming protests, marches, and rallies that you can support. They are listed by date.

1. The Trump Taxes March

Where: Washington D.C., Sister marches are being organized

When: April 15th

Organizer’s primary goal is to have President Trump release his tax returns, but they are working on a mission statement that encompasses their entire platform.

For more information, click here.

2. The Immigrants March

Where: Washington D.C., Sister marches are being organized

When: May 6th

Having just been granted a permit, the Immigrants March is set to bring people together to silence bigotry and end attacks on immigrants in the United States. This is a direct result of President Trump's executive order to ban refugees and immigrants from entering the United States.

Click here for more information.

3. The National Pride March

Where: Washington D.C., Sister marches are being organized

When: June 8th-11th

Working in conjunction with the Capital Pride Alliance, organizers are hoping the march will be part of the Celebration of Pride in Washington D.C. They urge people to travel to Washington for the entirety of Pride weekend in an effort to have all voices heard loudly and clearly.

More information found here.

4. The March of Science

Where: Washington D.C., Sister marches are being organized

When: TBA

In reaction to the unconstitutional ban the President has placed on the scientific community, scientists and everyone who supports them are rallying in Washington D.C.. The date is to be determined but they have a clear outline for what the march stands for:

“The March for Science is a diverse, nonpartisan group that defends and celebrates publicly funded and publicly accessible science as a foundation of American freedom and prosperity. Science guides nearly every aspect of our lives and it is critical that political leaders and policymakers support scientific research and incorporate science into their decision making.”

Follow this link for more information.

Mari Mata

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