Four Reasons Why People Scare Me

Four Reasons Why People Scare Me

Maybe my expectations are too high, but people just seem to be too disappointing.

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1. They can change their minds with absolute zero warning or notice.

I could not be more literal in saying that someone can suddenly wake up one morning and decide that they want nothing to do with you anymore. I know this from experience, unfortunately. Even worse, it usually ends up being the people who you wanted in your life long term or the people who you never thought in a million years would just so willingly walk out of your life.

2. You cannot expect consistency. I mean, technically you can, but only if you like disappointment.

Realistically, who someone is today in this very moment is not likely to be who they will be say a year from now. People are always changing. In fact, it seems as though people are changing so damn much that I'm not only struggling to keep up but I feel as though I am falling behind.

3. The things that they say they love about you today can end up becoming the very things they can't stand about you tomorrow.

I genuinely believe that this happens simply because we take people for granted and once we think we know everything that there is to know about that person we no longer find them special. They become a nuisance. They become annoying. They become unimportant and irrelevant.

4. Saying goodbye is rough. Almost as rough as not knowing when the last time you'll see someone is.

I can't tell you how many times I have had to experience tearful and traumatic goodbyes. Saying goodbye is such a nightmare for me that I even have a panic attack over having to switch rooms at the beginning of each school year. Knowing that you will never see those people again is scary to me.

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