4 Reasons Why Extroverted-Introverts Are The Best Types of People
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4 Reasons Why Extroverted-Introverts Are The Best Types of People

Which one are you?

4 Reasons Why Extroverted-Introverts Are The Best Types of People

Many tend to assume extroverts are the fun ones – outgoing, flirty, and in the lime-light of the party. Introverts, however, are another story. Sometimes, we assume that introverts are shy, and although might be true some of the time, it is not always the case. These words are thrown around loosely but many do not know the true meaning of “introverted vs. extraverted”. The true definition of these terms is to identify how individuals get their energy. Extroverts receive theirs from being around other people in a social setting, and introverts get their energy from spending alone-time.

So what are extroverted-introverts? Where do they get their energy? Although it may seem like a foreign concept, believe it or not there are introverts out there who possess many extroverted qualities. These unique humans love being with people and spending time with friends and family, but also value alone time to recharge. These are the types of people who know how to have a good time on Friday night, but also know when to listen to their needs and recuperate on their own. Long story short: they are awesome at socializing and having a good time with their friends, but need time by themselves to regenerate energy. So why are extroverted-introverts being the best types of people? Let me tell you.

  • They know how to have a good time: Because these people are introverts, they sure do know how to be alone. So, lucky for you, you know that when these people decide to go out, they’re out to have fun. You will not catch them moping in a corner by themselves because that certain someone didn’t text back. Nah. You can catch them dancing on elevated surfaces or becoming the next karaoke champion.
  • They know when it is time to go home: These people know their limits. The extroverted-introvert has a capacity for how much “people” time they can handle before they need to recharge by themselves. So, after a long Friday night of socializing these individuals can likely be found spending a Saturday afternoon doing something they find enjoyable (Netflix binge session *cough cough*).
  • They are not stage 5 clingers: There is nothing more terrifying to an extroverted-introvert than someone who will not leave them alone. If there is one thing these people can do well, its knowing they are confident enough to not rely on someone too hang out with someone 24/7. So, don’t count on these people following you around or begging for a text back because they’re doing them the way they know how.
  • They are the best of both worlds: Moral of the story: these people are awesome. They know how to have fun but know when to tone it down. They get all their homework done but know when to let loose. They are your go-to’s for everything from a fat kegger at your favorite fraternity, to a chill movie night with a pint of ice cream (which they will finish) and everything else in between.

So, go find yourself an extraverted introvert. You will not be disappointed.

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