The saying, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" hasn't just been a cheesy saying to me. In the few years since entering college, I have found that this has actually become my lifestyle.

Proximity plays a huge role in my relationships, but not the way people would guess. I have found that I am actually closer to those who live furthest away from me.

My best friend lives across the country from me, and so do my parents. My relationship with them couldn't be stronger since moving away.

After my former roommate and I stopped living together, I felt our friendship strengthen even though we didn't see each other as often.

Although I don't see these people every day, and most of them only once or twice a year, I can just pick up where we left off like we never skipped a beat.

Now, believe it or not, I am not the only person who prefers to live like this.

People who love from a distance are a rare breed. We like to be real close to you, but not too close. Our independence usually gets the best of us. We also tend to put our walls up and not trust easily.

Not everyone will understand our preference for relationships. But to help clear any confusion, here are four reasons that I, as well as a select few, prefer to love and build a relationship from a distance.

1. Every moment counts.

Now of course this holds true to relationships with people that you see every day. However, there is something so special about only seeing people a few times a year that makes you treasure your time together just ta little more. I find conversations are a lot deeper when you have a limited time together.

2. It allows you to be independent.

I was never a fan of clingy friendships or relationships. Even with myself now being in a romantic relationship, I still find myself needing space and independence. Loving from a distance has allowed me to have my own life separate from those that I love. This probably sounds awful to most people, but honestly to me this is so exciting. I love being able to call my parent, or catch up with my best friend about the latest things happening in my life!

3. When you are together, it allows time for adventures.

Now in relationships that happen everyday, you usually aren't doing exotic things all the time. Probably a lot of coffee dates, going to the movies, or shopping. In long distance relationships, you tend to plan a lot for the times when you do get to see each other. My best friend and I have gone on a road trip to the beach. My parents have planned various vacations to amusement parks and resorts. Adventures like these make those times you get to see each other so worth while.

4. You gain trust and strong loyalty.

There is this unexplainable comfort in the fact that no matter how long you don't see or talk to each other, they will still always be there for you. I am very picky, so the friendships that I do have, I will invest in until the day I die and vice versa. I know these select few people will always have my back, no matter what phase of life I happen to be in.

Once I started to realize that this was the way I loved people, I felt like there was something wrong with me. Then I realized that this way of loving isn't a bad thing. It is just a different way of loving and carrying on relationships than most people, and there is nothing wrong with that.

So for those of you who love this way, take heart! This is a special type of love that creates such a strong bond that will gain you some forever friendships!