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Four Months After My Stomach Surgery

Get ready for a ride

Four Months After My Stomach Surgery
Madeline Dziak

Oh, look what we have here. It's Maddie again talking about her stomach surgery that happened a while ago. Will we ever get over her talking about this because honestly, I am tired of it.

Well, Janet, let's just say I hope this is the last thing I write about my stomach surgery until the one year of it because this in itself is just a thing for me to say how my summer since my surgery has been.

Ah, so yes. My stomach surgery again. This is article number...five?...about my surgery and honestly I'm tired of it also but the due date is today and I needed an idea and after watching a 45 second video of Jungkook from BTS rapping RM's part from the rap line's song "Ddaeng" (listen to it) from their fifth muster fan meet and spending an entire weekend with my family from New York and still not having any clue what to write, I decided to go back to this topic and write another one.

Then next March, let's expect me doing a one year since my stomach surgery. Unless I decide to write one in September about six months but let's be real there's so much to say.

So I don't know if I mentioned this in an article I wrote about it already, although I might have, but let's start with what happened one month out of surgery. I got an infection in my incision. That was by far the worst experience I had to deal with. I went to the emergency room (after discovering it at five in the morning when I had to go to the bathroom), and the surgeon was so generous enough to come in to look at it and confirm it was infected. The day before Easter!

We drained the incision (horrible experience) and then I stayed home the rest of the day. I ended up having packing to put where the surgeon opened the incision and drained it and being the scared person I was, I decided to ask the health center at school to do it for me. I did that for a while until the day I had to have a follow up I could get it in myself.

We then changed the packing to an easier one and I could change it once every other day. Then I was able to do Greek Showcase for Greek Week and it was a blast.

Once all of that was done, I packed up my dorm and went home for the summer, my incision hole getting smaller and everything almost normal. The last thing that was left was getting the okay from my surgeon that I was fine.

Then that day came, and I swear I almost cried.

Everything was done, and I am truly back to normal.

It's currently July and I have been feeling good. I have gained over twenty pounds since the start of this whole thing, and I feel so much better. With my job being outside for a good chunk of time, I was able to get a great tan that I haven't had in years. I feel more energetic and I'm getting more sleep (even though I'm still so tired after that). I enjoy things like being outside, eating, and even dancing again.

With all of the past few months behind me, I'm now looking towards the future.

So time for me to get some lunch now.

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