I Found Myself In These 5 TV Characters
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I Found Myself In These 5 TV Characters

If you look close enough, you'll understand why you love your favorite shows. You'll find yourself, or who you aspire to be, inside your favorite characters. Watch closely.

I Found Myself In These 5 TV Characters

Hi. I'm Miah, and I'm addicted to all things television.

Love and Hip Hop, Big Brother, Survivor, Queen Sugar, Law & Order - you name it, I watch it. It's a time consuming, tear inducing, laughter promoting addiction but I am glad I have it. Through the 100s of characters I have fallen in love with, I have found, and better understood, many parts of the person I am. I've also seen pieces of the person I want to be.

Here are my top-5:

Meredith Grey, of Grey's Anatomy, my emotionally damaged twin.

(!spoilers ahead!)

No, I didn't lose my sister in a plane crash, my mother to Alzheimer's and liver cancer, or my husband in a freak accident... but I still relate a lot to Dr. Grey. I am also very inspired by her.

She doesn't buy that "don't worry, be happy" crap. She has grown to be too wise to believe that.

She is resilient.

She loves and protects her people: good, bad, right, wrong.

She is always willing to dance it out.

...Also, she has the hots for Riggs (me too, girl, me too).

Brooke Davis, of One Tree Hill, my spirit animal.

The wildly misunderstood and underestimated heartthrob. I've been heartbroken, by both boys and friends, like Brooke. People don't understand my heart, like Brooke. People mistake me for being shallow, like Brooke. But I've watched myself blossom into a person who doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about her, like Brooke.

She tells it how it is.

She had a wild phase. ***major key alert***

She loves hard.

She rose above self-doubt...

and she never let the world change her heart.

Daenerys Targaryen, of Game of Thrones, my medieval idol.

Obviously, I'm not the mother to any dragons but I would consider myself a breaker of chains. If I were in Westeros and a bunch of enslaved cities needed freeing - I'd be there! She started the Game of Thrones series at the young age of 15. She lost her entire family and rebuilt a matriarchy all on her own. She is constantly underrated and proves her naysayers wrong time and time again.

She is a strong woman, stronger than most men, and she knows it.

She is a villain for the people.

She is determined.

She has beat the odds, time and time again.

Olivia Pope, of Scandal, my voice (or character) of reason.

For me, as a young black woman, Olivia Pope was one of the first major black female characters to star on a TV show that I watched. Representation is important (thanks, Shonda Rhimes). And as far as representation goes, Olivia takes the cake. The woman is a BOSS. Sure, she's flawed. She's quite selfish. She was in love with another woman's husband and she may or may not cover up crimes and murders for a living (but let's focus on the positives, OK?).

She refuses to settle for less than she deserves.

She takes on the world by herself and prefers it that way.

She goes to war for people, good or bad, right or wrong.

She knows her strength and makes sure everyone else knows it, too.

Phaedra Parks, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, one of my characters who isn't fictional - my Real Housewife of Atlanta. Phaedra is educated, independent, and hard working because that's the way she chooses to be (not because a script instructs her to). She is full of class, sass, and throw's shade with so much grace it truly inspires me.

She is the epitome of the quote "do no harm, but take no shit", just like me.

She's honest, even if it comes off brutal.

She doesn't let other people's opinions phase her.

She is constantly talking to Jesus, and I live for it.

Honorable Mentions

Annalise Keating, of How To Get Away With Murder, for being cut throat enough to defend murderers, for being a bossy, unapologetic leader, and for TAKING THAT WIG OFF ON TV. YESSSSS.

Hanna Marin, of Pretty Little Liars, for the lovingly sassy airhead you are, you say the first thing that comes to your mind and you don't think twice. And for the way you are more than willing to take on pain for your friends, you remind me so much of myself.

Cookie Lyon, of Empire, I'm not cut out to do 17 years in prison for the man I love, but you were. You are the fictional epitome of "do a little harm, but take no shit." Besides that, you are FIERCE, your wit constantly makes me laugh out loud, and you love HARD - like a mama bear.

Michaela Pratt, also of How to Get Away With Murder, because you remind me a lot of myself. For being the educated and underestimated black girl with proper grammar and goals. I know you're a fictional character, but I bet your fictional childhood looks a lot like mine - as far as getting teased for "talking white" and doing well in school. Thank you, for being you, and for code-switching flawlessly.

I'm far too connected to every character on every show that I love. Some people may think it's a useless hobby, but I learn a little more about myself each week. So thank you, television, for giving me so many powerful female characters to find myself in.

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