You Know You Found Your BFF Soulmate When

In today's world, it's hard to find someone who genuinely likes you for who you are in life. When you finally find this person, you should hold onto them for dear life. You not only appreciate the similarities that you share, but also the differences. You don't know what life would be like without them. From lost loves to lost jobs, you're there for each other and there's nothing that can break this wonderful bond. Here are eleven signs that she's your best friend soulmate.

1. They ask about your parents more than you

"How's Diane doing? I really miss her. Can I come visit and see her? I promise that my visit is to see you."

2. When you get into an argument and make up five minutes later

You know you will fight over the stupidest things but later you won't even remember what you were fighting about.

3. You figure out how you're dressing before going out; bum or cute

You never want to be overdressed or under-dressed, especially in a group. You're best friend is the one you can always count on in the topic. You will always text them asking how they are dressing for an event and makes sure you don't look like a sore thumb.

4. You pee with the door open

This stage is when you know you've reached true friendship. Also, pants are optional!

5. You have mutual enemies

"I don't like her" "Neither do I"

6. You say the same thing at the same time

JINX! This is when you realize you hang out too much but that doesn't stop you from hanging out the next day. No matter how weird you guys get with each other, you'll still want to be together!

7. You have jokes no one else understands

You will have so many inside jokes. Even if you just look at them in a certain way, you both will start laughing.

8. Your family loves them

They are practically part of the family. Your parents treat them like they are one of their own and/or like them more than you! But that's perfectly OK with you. You wouldn't change it for the world, especially since your family hates everyone else!

9. You can tell when something is wrong with them

You're best friend is quite good at telling when you aren't yourself, it can actually be scary. They even know when you are faking being in a good mood.

10. You can sit next to each other in complete silence

To everyone else, it may look like you guys are fighting but in reality it's just because you're comfortable doing nothing together. You can even sit in total silence and be having the time of your lives.

11. You can go weeks without talking but still remain as close as ever

It may have been a week since you guys have talked but when you're reunited, it's like no time has passed at all.

No matter what happens in life, your best friend will always have your back. They will always help you from right and wrong and they will always love you.

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