Things Every Former Emo Kid Misses About Warped Tour
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14 Unexpected Things Former Emo Kids Are Going To Miss About Warped Tour

If every band you wanted to see didn't play during the same time slot, would it really be Warped Tour?

14 Unexpected Things Former Emo Kids Are Going To Miss About Warped Tour
Amanda Mullen

In November 2017, Kevin Lyman, founder of Warped Tour, announced that the famous music festival would see its final run during the summer of 2018.

And just like that, summer is over and Warped Tour is almost at an end. It's going to be hard for music lovers to say farewell to the cross-country festival they looked forward to every year.

And going forward, most of us are going to miss some things we never thought we would.

Snapping a picture of the blow-up schedule so you won't have to buy one

That two dollars was, like, half a water bottle...

The struggle of all your favorite bands playing at the same time

If every band you wanted to see didn't play during the same time slot, would it really be Warped Tour?

Waiting on absurdly long lines for free water

Outdoor concerts in the summer can be torturous, and who can afford to keep buying eight dollar water bottles?

Thank the gods of rock and roll for that water truck.

Scouring the lot for free stuff

Who doesn't love free stuff? There was less of it during recent years, but man, we'll miss the 7-11 Slurpee cart and Trojan's condom tent.

Visiting the Monster truck, just for a few minutes to cool off

Admit it. You found yourself taking refuge in the Monster Energy truck, even if you didn't drink Monster. We all just wanted some shade and a cold drink in our hands.

Wishing the sets were longer than 30 minutes

The number of amazing bands always came with a price. That price was the fact that we only got a few songs from each of them. And none of us were ever totally satisfied when our favorite group walked off-stage.

Sweating enough to count it as a detox

Warped Tour was a great way to get rid of all your water weight — because, you know, it never took place on a windy or cloudy day.

On the bright side, nothing felt better than that post-festival shower.

Passing people with banana costumes and "Free Hugs" signs

It was impossible to pass up the opportunity to high-five a banana or hug a complete stranger.

The Choonimals that always ended up crowd surfing

Somehow, that Choonimals giraffe cutout always wound up in the crowd. Who knew wooden cutouts could be so hardcore?

The constant battle between staying all day or going home to sleep

It was scorching hot out, and most of us were exhausted by 3 p.m. Was the closing band ever really worth staying for?

If the answer was yes, you'd have to settle for a quick nap on the concrete.

Waiting 40 minutes to get out of the parking lot

When you stayed for the final band, you had the pleasure of leaving at the same time as everyone else.

On the bright side, there were always plenty of dancing, drunk people for you to watch while you sat in park for an hour.

Going home with the weirdest tan lines and sunburns

For the next week, you wore that farmer's tan like a badge of honor. When someone asked why you looked that way, you'd tell them, "Heck yeah, I got this at Warped Tour."

Waking up with no voice the following day

The entire next week, you sounded like you'd been chain smoking. Bonus points if you also woke up with a limp.

Waiting until next year to do it all over again

This one's going to hurt the most. What do you mean I won't be doing it again next year?

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