Forgotten Songs of the Late 90's and 2000's
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Forgotten Songs of the Late 90's and 2000's

40 Songs from a Millennial's Childhood

Forgotten Songs of the Late 90's and 2000's

As a millennial, I often find myself stuck in the genres of music I listen to. Sometimes I like to listen to music form the 60's, other times I'll say I prefer the 70's or 80's, or maybe the present day music. But one thing is for sure; music from the late 90's and 2000's will always have a special place in my heart, as this is the music I grew up with and know best. I often find myself making throwback albums, and decided to share a few of my personal favorites with you from as recent as 2009 to as far back as 1996.

Here's a list of 40 often forgotten throwback songs counting down from most recent to latest:

40. "Good Girls Go Bad"- Cobra Starship (2009)

Some songs make you think of memories, and others remind you of people. I think of one girl in particular when I hear this: Daria.

39."Love Drunk" - Boys Like Girls (2009)

Did you know that Ashley Tisdale is the main character in the music video? I didn't either until I watched it for the first time while picking these songs.

38. "Don't Trust Me" - 3Oh!3 (2008)

Shush, girl, shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips. (Daria also loved 3Oh!3)

37. "Crush" - David Archuletta (2008)

All girls who watched David on American Idol had a crush on him at some point.

36. "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" - Soulja Boy Tell'em ft. Sammie (2008)

Fun Fact: I sang this song at a field trip to a roller rink in seventh grade.

35. "Check Yes Juliet" - We The Kings (2007)

Run, baby, run
Don't ever look back.

34. "Everytime we Touch" - Cascada (2007)

The definition of every middle school dance.

33. "SexyBack" - Justin Timberlake (2006)

"I'm bringing sexy back" But are you really though?

32. "Smack That" - Akon (2006)

Fun Fact: this song was the ringtone I chose when I got my first phone in sixth grade. I don't think my parents knew.

31. "Year 3000" - Jonas Brothers (2006)

The JB obsession began with this one song that they did a cover of.

30. "Sugar we're goin' down" - Fall Out Boy (2005)

I don't think any millennial knew the actual lyrics until they got older.

29. "Just the Girl" - The Click Five (2005)

Cause she's bittersweet, she knocks me of of my feet!

28. "Temperature" - Sean Paul (2005)

I always sang this song with the Sean Paul accent because I thought it was super cool (I was also nine).

27. "My Humps" - Black Eyed Peas (2005)

When this song was first released, I used to dance on top of tables and sing it during recess in fourth grade. Of course, I had no idea what any of it meant.

26. "Beverly Hills" - Weezer (2005)

The nine year old version of a song you always had to nod your head to.

25. "Hollaback Girl" - Gwen Stefani (2004)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who wants to learn a step dance to this song. I also learned how to spell "bananas" because of this song.

24. "1985" - Bowling for Soup (2004)

She's seen all the classics, She knows every line; Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Even Saint Elmo's Fire (I should probably watch all of these at some point).

23. "100 Years" - Five for Fighting (2004)

Fifteen, theres still time for youuuuuu

22. "Baby Boy" - Beyonce ft. Sean Paul (2003)

"Baby boy, you stay on my mind" are actually the only words I know.

21. "Miss Independent" - Kelly Clarkson (2003)

I feel like girls who sing this should be strutting down a runway snapping their fingers.

20. "Why Not" - Hilary Duff (2003)

There are apparently two different sets of lyrics to this song and my friends and I never know which one is correct to this day. The music video that is linked is the one I always knew!

19. "Ignition (Remix)" - R. Kelly (2003)

"So baby give me that toot toot, Let me give you that beep beep" (I still haven't figured what this is code for and it's been thirteen years)

18. "Hot in Herre" - Nelly (2002)

When I was six, I used to take this song literally. Thank goodness that was never seen by anybody.

17. "Jenny From the Block" - Jennifer Lopez (2002)

What if another Jenny moved to the neighborhood... would you still be Jenny form the block? Don't mind my questions, I'm generally curious.

16. "Soak Up The Sun" - Sheryl Crow (2002)

Two Words: Kangaroo Jack.

15. "Sk8er Boi" - Avril Lavigne (2002)

Avril Lavigne was every girl's punk rock role model.

14. "Drift Away" - Uncle Kracker (2002)

Just drift away.

13. "Bootylicious" - Destiny's Child (2001)

My body's too bootylicious for you, babe.

12. "Drops of Jupiter" - Train (2001)

Train has come so far in the last fifteen years, wouldn't you agree?

11. "Back Here" - BBMak (2000)

You either knew this song or you didn't. I still have no idea where this song came from or why I remember it.

10. "Lucky" - Britney Spears (2000)

You have to sing this one with the Britney voice. This was also one of my first CD's I owned.

9. "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" - Nine Days (2000)

I vividly remember blasting this song in the basement of my house in PA.

8. "It Wasn't Me" - Shaggy (2000)

Really though, how do you forget that you gave someone your extra key?

7. "Bye Bye Bye" - *NSYNC (2000)

I know the choreography and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

6. "Mambo No. 5" - Lou Bega (1999)

Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary, Jessica... if you don't know who these people are, I feel sorry for you.

5. "Graduation (Friends Forever)" - Vitamin C (1999)

Yes, we sang this for our eighth grade graduation (as cheesy as that is).

4. "I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys (1999)

Everyone learned the Weird Al version (Ebay) after this.

3. "No Scrubs" - TLC (1999)

And parents always wonder where their daughters got their sass from...

2. "Man! I feel Like a Woman" - Shania Twain (1997)

There's a video floating around of five year old me dancing to this song wearing a velvet cape.

1. "Wannabe" - Spice Girls (1996)


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