Are You Too Old For Disney?
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Are You Too Old For Disney?

What is that old saying, age is but a number?

Are You Too Old For Disney?
Scoop Nest

Okay let’s be honest for a second, do people ever really get too old for Disney movies? I mean let’s be real, most of us watched Disney movies or Disney channel as a kid. But, I think I have heard more people in their early twenty’s going to the Disney movie premier’s, than kids with their families. I remember when I saw the commercial for “Finding Dory”, I think I was more excited than the kid next to me. But the best part about it is I now know I’m not alone when it comes to how I feel about Disney movies.

The other day I went and saw Moana and I’m not sure if it was the happiness I felt was from the movie, or from the fact that I felt like a kid again. It was my two friends and myself that went to go see it, we got in line and it was to no exaggeration, extremely long. None of us were quite sure what to expect for sure, but we didn't expect the long line to be filled with college students on a Thursday night.

My first thought was, I know college students party all the time, so why are so many staying in and watching a “child’s” movie? But I guess what I really want to know is are Disney movies really children movies? I think the answer is that no one is ever too old to watch a Disney movie. I mean if we think about it, Disney is inspirational. Disney shows us that there is always hope and I think that is what keeps our generation always excited about the next Disney movie.

Disney was an essential part of growing up. The cheesy romances, the catchy the songs, and the wonderful plot line. No matter what, Disney is always finding ways to get us to want more. However, I think we also just like feeling young again. Like the fuzzy feeling after watching a movie, we get the joy from the hero saving the day. Another big thing Disney has always taught us to try new things and follow our hearts.

Disney’s heroes always disobey the authoritative figures in their lives, but they always listen to their heart. I believe that this has greatly impacted the young adults today. I’ve noticed that since I was a kid most people listen to their hearts and trust what they feel, I think that is slightly impacted by Disney.

In the end, I think that no one is too old for Disney, and like the heroes in the movies never be afraid to follow what your heart is telling you.

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