College students are notorious for sacrificing their mental and physical health in the name of good grades. For the most part, students can handle giving up a good night's sleep, a movie with friends, or a substantial meal every once in a while because they know they'll have time to recuperate post-assignment/exam.

However, finals season comes like a plague to ruin us all. While the typical college student has a difficult finals season, they normally also have what is commonly referred to as a reading week.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a reading week is a week given before exams but after classes which allows students to focus solely on studying for finals and preparing final projects or papers. This eases anxiety over time-management at the end of the semester.

Fordham chooses to give students, instead of a reading week, a reading day. That is a day, singular. So come reading day, you can find students packed into libraries, study lounges, and cafes just as stressed as they were on the last day of classes (the day before) or the first day of finals (the next day).

One might argue that this extra stress and limited study time is worth it for the opportunity to finish finals sooner and go home earlier, but to that, Fordham says "Ha Ha!" Fordham final exams extend until a few short days before Christmas, the 20th of December being the last test day, which is the same, if not later than schools that have longer reading periods.

So what is the reasoning Fordham? Why was a class on Monday of the first exam week necessary. The majority of professors use this day as a review day anyway, which students could easily do on their own time, in their preferred mode of study. It makes more sense to give students the day off, so at least we have a long weekend to prepare without worrying about assignments that might be due that final day of classes.

Additionally, given that our reading period is so limited, professors could at the very least understand that our singular day off is important and there for a reason. That means that testing shouldn't occur on a reading day, papers should not be due on a reading day, and there should be no lesson or session required on a reading day. It is hard enough to get our sh#t together in one day, please don't cut into the very minimal time we have.

For the sake of students' mental health and well-being, and for the benefit of our GPAs: please, Fordham, extend our reading period. It's getting ridiculous.