It's your senior year. You feel like everyone around you is having the time of their life, living it up with everyone they've known since middle school while they still can and you just can't relate. Maybe it's because you've decided to go to a different college than most of your friends. Maybe it's because you've started taking more hours at work to save up for the next four years. Maybe it's because you've outgrown your friends, and maybe they've outgrown you.

Regardless, you can't relate to the articles online about going to every single party you hear about before you graduate and making sure you make the best out of your last time in the student section during your school's rival football game. You may feel like you're missing out, and other people may tell you that you are, but I promise you that these will not be the best moments of your life.

Spend your last few months of high school with people you enjoy being with. If that's the person you've been best friends with since second grade, then that's great! It's also great if it's your little brother, sister, or your dog. Don't try to force yourself into enjoying things that you just don't enjoy with people you just don't want to be around. It's okay to not love every single moment of senior year, because it will get so much better after graduation.

When you move into college you'll meet people from all over the place, and before you know it you'll have the group of friends you've been looking for your entire life. Everything that you love, they'll love even more, and it'll be amazing. You'll join groups you never imagined yourself joining and you'll do things that you don't even know you're capable of right now.

So don't feel bad the next time you don't go to a basketball game that you have no interest in. Don't regret watching a movie at home with your mom and dad instead of going to hang out with people you don't even like. Don't do anything you don't want to do just because you're afraid of missing out on your senior year.

The best version of your life is yet to come. I promise.