For The Girls Without A Group Or Clique

One time I called my mom in tears as I blurted out these words: "I'M LIKE A GALLON OF MILK WITH AN EXPIRATION DATE!"

After a sweet chuckle on the other line and a few minutes of sobbing, I was able to explain my discouragement with friendships.

I felt like as soon as I'd get close to a friend, we'd grow apart. Or she'd find other, cooler, more fun friends and suddenly vibes were weird and I couldn't figure out if something was wrong with me or if I did something to screw up another friendship. I'd look online and see pictures of cliques and feel even more isolated.

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I'd go to parties, beebop to the music and watch groups of girls take selfies. Or I'd be asked to take a picture of them only to see it on Facebook the next day WITHOUT a photo cred.

Ugh. Rude, right?

Okay, I'm being dramatic now, but I have a point.

There have been times in my life that I'd try to bend and contort myself in whatever way just to fit into a group. And it never really seemed to work.

So if you are struggling to feel like you belong or if you're having trouble with female friendships, I just want to remind you that God didn't design you the way He did just for you to bend and contort His design to fit into some group or clique it wasn't designed to be a part of. And you're not weird or strange and there's nothing wrong with you if you grow apart from women you care about for awhile.

Because you know what? All things are redeemable. And at the end of the day, He delivers who you need, right when you need them, to stand by your side. Some of the girls I thought I'd grown apart from years ago were the same girls that threw on a blush dress and served me wholeheartedly on my wedding day. And often, those aren't friendships you can fake. They're disorganized and crazy and a little bit messy --- but they're real. And they take time to build.

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So keep on keepin' on. Because the moment you realize that God has given you the greatest Friend in His Son, you'll see that you're NOT a gallon of milk, but a gal loved by the Messiah. And you'll find that no good thing ever really does expire.

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