November 14 recently passed and those of you who do not know me that was my birthday. I turned twenty years old, #Scorpio! It was the end of my age ending with teen and all I can say is I did not feel any different than I did when I was nineteen. As you get older birthdays do not mean as much. It is all about the milestones now. The only ages that you can probably be excited for are 1, 5, maybe 10, 12,13, both if Jewish, 15 if Hispanic, 16, 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and etc. if you live that long.

As you get older its more of another day passing unless you have plans. For my 19th it did not do much of anything and because my birthday was on a weekday I was in school and my parents could not come up to see me. The only good thing about that day was I had my favorite blue velvet cupcakes and my only class that day was cancelled. This year was a little different I decided to make plans to go out with my friends and both my parents came to see. It was a good day and I got gifts from my friends that I was not expecting. That is another thing to think about as you get older you do not receive as many gifts anymore. They start out as toys, then to things you need like clothes, then money and or gift cards, and then sometime nothing from people.

What is great about the end of your teen years is that you can reflect on what you have accomplished. I completed high school, got into college, I am already a sophomore planning on going abroad in the future, doing well academically, made great friends by being involved, and still enjoy going home to be with family and old friends. Birthdays are no longer about gifts, that are about reflecting on accomplishments and planning for the future.