When I was little one of my favorite games was follow the leader. Even now, I can remember playing it at Youth Group; walking through the sanctuary leading my friends around. I’ve always loved being a leader. When I was younger I was ALWAYS the teacher whenever we played school. I was always the mom, the president, head chef… you name it, I was always the leader. When I was younger I wanted to be the first person in line. I wanted to be the first person done with their homework. I wanted to be first, always.

One time in youth group, my youth minister paired us into groups, put blindfolds over one individual's eyes, and made the other individual guide the “blinded” person around our church. It was frightening. I was partners with my very best friend, Carissa Kinney. I was so scared that she was going to run me into a door or make me fall down the stairs. Trusting her was scary, even though she was my best friend.

Being a Child of God, sometimes I feel the same way. It can be scary. Sometimes in my personal life, I become afraid. I have no clue what God is planning for me and it seems, often, that I am blinded to God’s plan for my life.

Luckily Carissa didn’t run me into any walls, I didn’t fall down the stairs, and I’m still alive today. I can still trust my best friend. Although trusting her at times was scary, our relationship has grown upon the fact that I can trust her- no matter the circumstance.

The same is true with God. With every circumstance in my life, I can look back and see a reason why something happened the way it did. I know that although I like to lead, I must follow the King of Kings. I've learned that I can't be first. That I must be last, putting God and others above myself. For my relationship with God to grow, I must have faith and trust that God will always do what is best for me.

So Maybe you feel lost... like a blind man without a guide. Or maybe you have the wrong guide and you’ve been hitting walls and falling down stair cases. Or maybe you’re a blind man who is trying to find his own way, successfully failing and hurting yourself time and time again. Whoever you are, wherever you are RUN TO THE CROSS. Let Jesus be your leader. Let his life be your example. Follow in his Footsteps. Trust in the God who knew you before time began, and I promise you- you won’t be let down.